How to Decorate a Bird Bath

Are you looking for a way to bring some life and beauty to your garden? Why not consider decorating a bird bath? Not only will they provide delicious, clean water for birds their size, but they can also become aesthetically pleasing features in any outdoor space.

How to Decorate a Bird Bath

Bird baths come in all different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect one to fit whatever design theme your garden has. Then with just a few decorations and ornamental pieces here and there, crafting an appealing oasis for feathered friends is simple. Keep reading our post to learn how to decorate a bird bath.

 10 Best Ideas on How to Decorate a Bird Bath

1. Get an Ornamental Bird Bath:

The first step to decorating a bird bath is choosing the right one. Look for an ornamental bird bath with intricate details and vibrant colors that will brighten up your garden. Decorative elements like stone sculptures, cascading water features, or even a solar-powered fountain work great too. Ornamental bird baths will become the centerpiece of your garden and look great when decorated with colorful plants and other features.

2. Use Pebbles:

Adding small pebbles around the base of a bird bath is an easy way to decorate it. You can go for a natural, rustic look by using plain river rocks or get creative with different colors and sizes. Pebbles also provide a great surface for birds to stand on while they’re drinking or splashing around in the water. Using pebbles will also prevent dirt and debris from getting into the water, keeping it clean for your feathered visitors.

Using Plain River Rocks

3. Add Plants:

Plants are a great way to bring life and color to any bird bath. If you have a large enough space, try planting flowers around the base of the birdbath for an eye-catching look. Succulents, ferns, and other low-maintenance plants also work great for decorating a bird bath. As an extra bonus, the plants will attract bugs which can act as food for birds visiting your garden.

4. Hang Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes bring joy and beauty to any outdoor space and are a great way to decorate your bird bath. Hang them from a tree branch or the side of the house, so they’ll be within easy reach for birds to touch and interact with. Plus, make sure to get wind chimes that have different sounds for an enchanting experience.

5. Put Up Bird Houses:

Birds love having a safe place to rest and hide away from predators. Installing birdhouses in your garden is a great way to decorate a bird bath while also providing birds with shelter. You can find an array of different designs, from wooden ones to colorful plastic models. Place the birdhouses near the birdbath, so birds can easily find them.

Providing Birds With Shelter

6. Hang Feeders:

Bird feeders are a great way to attract birds and decorate your bird bath. You can hang the feeders from a tree, fence post, or even right next to the birdbath for easy access. Make sure to fill the feeder with plenty of seeds so that birds can feed and replenish their energy in between visits to the birdbath.

7. Incorporate Lighting:

Adding lights is an easy way to decorate a bird bath and make your garden look magical at night. You can use string lights, solar-powered lanterns, or even battery-operated candles to create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Lights also provide a bright backdrop for birds to relax and take in the beauty of your garden at night.

8. Place Statues:

Statues are a classic way to decorate any garden, and they look great around bird baths too! You can buy pre-made statues or make them yourself with clay or plaster from Paris. Place the statues around the birdbath to create an inviting atmosphere, and you’ll be sure to attract birds in no time. Placing statues in your garden also helps to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

Statues in Your
Garden Also Helps

9. Hang Mirrors:

Hang mirrors near your bird bath for a unique way to decorate it. You can find all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes, and the reflections will attract birds and make your garden look even more beautiful. Just make sure to hang the mirror at a safe height so it won’t fall on any unsuspecting birds!

10. Install a Solar-Powered Fountain:

A solar-powered fountain is a great way to add movement and life to your bird bath. You can find many different styles of fountains, ranging from simple designs to elaborate tiered waterfalls. The sound of the water will also attract birds, giving them an extra incentive to come back for more. Plus, solar-powered fountains are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

Decorating a bird bath doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With these 10 tips, you can easily create an inviting space for birds to come and enjoy your garden. From adding plants to installing a fountain, there are many different ways to make your bird bath a beautiful and inviting space. So don’t wait any longer, get started sprucing up your garden today!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate a Bird Bath

  1. Use natural materials to adorn your bird bath. Moss, rocks, stones, and seashells are a great way to accentuate the beauty of your bird bath while creating an inviting environment for birds.
  2. Plant colorful flowers around the bird bath in order to attract more feathered friends. Brightly colored flowers like corneal marigolds, black-eyed Susans, and cosmos will add an extra pop of color to your bird bath.
  3. Add a bubbler or fountain to the bird bath for some calming sounds. The gentle trickle of water can be soothing to birds, enticing them to spend more time at your bird bath.
  4. Hang small feeders or suet cages around your bird bath to attract even more birds. Providing additional food sources next to the bird bath will cause birds to linger in the area longer and may encourage them to take a dip in the water.
  5. Place a large shelter near the bird bath such as a tree, shrub, or arbor. These natural structures provide birds with a safe place to take rest from predators or the heat of the day and make them feel more comfortable visiting your bird bath.
  6. Place garden sculptures near the bird bath for an extra decorative touch. Statues, figurines, or other decorative pieces can add an extra layer of charm to your bird bath area. Just make sure the sculptures are secure and won’t topple over or be damaged by weathering.
  7. Add birdhouses to the surrounding area of your bird bath. Giving birds a place to stay while they come to your bird bath will entice them to visit more often, creating an even bigger attraction for feathered friends.
Plant Colorful Flowers Around the Bird Bath

By taking these tips and tricks into account, you’ll be able to create an inviting environment for birds in your backyard with a beautiful bird bath that will attract feathered friends year-round. Enjoy!

Things You Should Consider While Decorating a Bird Bath

  1. Choose a bird bath that is the right size and color for your garden. Make sure you select one with a solid base so that it won’t tip over or be moved easily by animals or strong winds.
  2. Consider adding some type of liner to the inside of the bowl if you want to use water in your bird bath. This will help prevent algae growth and keep the water fresher for longer.
  3. Make sure to place your bird bath in a location that is open, but sheltered from direct sunlight or strong winds. A shady spot can provide much-needed relief from the hot sun for birds who stop by for a drink or a quick dip!
  4. Decorate your bird bath with natural elements, and avoid using plastic decorations to keep the birds safe. Some good options are rocks, shells, wood pieces, or dried flowers.
  5. If you want to include a fountain in your bird bath design, make sure it is low-pressure and doesn’t spray too high, as this can scare away the birds.
  6. To make your bird bath an even more inviting space, you might want to add a few plants around it. Native plants are always best! This will help attract not only birds but beneficial insects and other wildlife too.
  7. Finally, keep your bird bath clean by changing the water regularly, and brushing or scrubbing it with a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris. This will help to keep the birds safe, and your bird bath looking good.

Following these considerations will help you create a beautiful bird bath that is both attractive and safe for birds! Enjoy the wildlife show in your garden.


Overall, decorating a bird bath is a creative and fun project that you can do to attract more feathered friends to your backyard. By reading our blog post you can easily learn how to decorate a bird bath in no time. Tackle this project with an artistic eye, picking decorations that will not only draw birds in but also look great when placed near plants and flowers.

Be sure to use the proper outdoor supplies for outdoor bird baths such as weather-resistant paint or sealer. And try to involve the whole family in the process – it’s a great way to bond together while learning about nature up close! After all, is said and done, take some time each day to observe your handiwork at work. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your bird bath will become a buzzing hub of activity!

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