How to Decorate a Champagne Glass

Welcome to all the creative and crafty readers out there! Are you someone who loves to host parties or just enjoys a fancy drink occasionally? If so, you probably know how vital a well-decorated champagne glass can be. It’s not just another piece of glassware; it sets the tone for your entire event or adds that special touch to your evening routine. But decorating a champagne glass can seem overwhelming with different shapes, colors, and styles available.

How to Decorate a Champagne Glass

Champagne glass decoration is an art form that requires precision, creativity, and a bit of patience.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! In this post, we will share some tips on how to decorate a champagne glass in various ways that will elevate any occasion. So get ready to unleash your creativity and impress your guests with these fantastic ideas!

10 Easy Steps on How to Decorate a Champagne Glass

Step 1. Choose a Theme

Before decorating your champagne glass, deciding on a theme or overall look you want to achieve is essential. This could be based on an event or holiday, such as a wedding or Christmas, or simply a preference for colors and designs.

Step 2. Gather Supplies

To decorate your champagne glass, you will need some basic supplies such as paint, glitter, ribbon, and any other decorative materials you may want to use. Make sure to choose materials that are safe for use with food and drink.

Step 3. Get Creative

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a champagne glass. You can paint the stem of the glass with acrylic paint in your chosen color scheme, add glitter to the mirror’s base for some extra sparkle, or tie a ribbon around the stem for an elegant touch.

You can also use adhesive gems or stickers to create unique designs on the glass. Let your imagination guide you, and have fun with it! Just let the decorations dry entirely before using the glasses for drinks.

Using the Glasses for Drinks

Step 4. Sealing the Decorations

After your decorations have completely dried, it’s crucial to seal them to ensure longevity. Depending on the materials you’ve used, this has different options. If you’ve painted the glass, a clear acrylic sealer is a good choice. A spray adhesive or decoupage medium like Mod Podge can do the job for glitter. Apply the sealer carefully, avoiding the rim of the glass where lips and drinks make contact. Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Step 5. Add Personalized Touches

Personalizing your champagne glasses can make them even more special. Consider using a paint marker to write names or initials on each glass, ensuring everyone has their unique glass during your event.

Alternatively, you could tie different colored ribbons around each stem or attach charm rings to distinguish the glasses. Remember, the key to a great personal touch is that it reflects the personality or preferences of the user. Allow these personalized elements to dry fully before moving on.

Step 6. Final Check and Cleanup

Once all the elements of your champagne glass are dry and sealed, do a final check to ensure everything is securely attached and the glass is safe to use. Carefully remove any excess glue or rough edges using a soft cloth or a craft knife.

Using a Soft Cloth

If you’ve used glitter, consider using a clean, dry paintbrush to gently sweep away any loose particles that might come off into the drink. You’ve learned how to decorate a champagne glass properly with all these careful steps! Now, you’re ready to impress your guests with your custom, artistic glassware.

Step 7. Care and Storage

Proper care and storage of your decorated champagne glasses will ensure they stay in pristine condition for future use. Avoid washing decorated glasses in the dishwasher as this can cause damage to the decorations. Instead, wash your hands gently in warm soapy water, taking care not to scrub the decorated areas harshly.

Rinse and dry immediately to prevent water spots. When storing, place glasses upright in a secure cabinet, away from areas of high traffic or potential bumps. Consider using a protective cover or glass rack for additional safety if possible. Remember always to carefully handle your decorated glasses to preserve their beauty and functionality.

Step 8. Presentation and Usage

Now that your champagne glasses are beautifully decorated and ready to use consider how you’ll present them at your event or get-together. If you’re hosting a formal event, you should display the glasses on a silver tray or a mirrored centerpiece for added elegance. For more casual gatherings, placing the glasses in a decorative basket or on a rustic wooden tray can add a touch of charm.

Always handle the glasses by the stem to prevent fingerprints on the glass. Pour the champagne gently down the side of the glass to preserve the bubbles and enhance the visual appeal. Remember, your decorated champagne glasses are not just for serving drinks—they’re part of the event’s decor and ambiance, so show them off!

Decorated Champagne Glasses

Step 9. Replicate or Innovate

Once you’ve mastered decorating a champagne glass, don’t hesitate to replicate your favorite designs or venture into new creative territories. Try using different themes, materials, and personalization techniques to keep each set of glasses unique and special.

Consider making decorating champagne glasses a tradition for each event you host, adding a personal and memorable touch to your gatherings. Remember, the beauty of creativity is that it thrives on innovation and experimentation, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new.

Step 10. Enjoy and Repeat

Finally, enjoy the fruits of your creativity! Serve your guests with beautifully decorated champagne glasses, and relish their compliments and admiration. Whether it’s a toast to celebrate a special occasion or a casual sip during a get-together, your unique glasses will surely add a touch of elegance and exclusivity to the event.

Once the event is over, clean and store the glasses carefully for future use. Remember, each occasion is a new opportunity to showcase your creativity, so don’t hesitate to decorate new glasses whenever you host.

By following these simple steps and using your own creativity, you can easily transform plain champagne glasses into unique and beautiful pieces of art.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

Adding Edible Garnishes Like Strawberries
  1. Experiment with Edible Garnishes: Adding edible garnishes like strawberries, raspberries, or a lemon twist enhances the visual appeal and adds a subtle flavor to the champagne.
  2. Use Glass Markers: Glass markers are an excellent way to personalize each glass. They are temporary, so you can change the design anytime you want!
  3. Add a Ribbon: Tying a simple ribbon around the stem can instantly transform a plain champagne glass into something elegant and festive.
  4. Decorate with Glitter: Consider edible glitter if you want something more glamorous. Just remember, less is more!
  5. Attach Charms: Charms are a fun way to identify whose glass is whose. They can be themed to match the event and make a cute keepsake.

With these extra tips and tricks, you can take your champagne glass decorating skills to the next level.

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Avoid Over-Decorating: Too many decorations can make the glass look cluttered and take away from the elegance of the champagne. Remember, simplicity is vital.
  2. Steer Clear of Non-Food Safe Materials: Always ensure that any materials used for decoration are food-safe. Avoid using materials that could harm your health when in contact with your drink.
  3. Don’t Use Permanent Markers on Glass: Although creating a permanent design on your champagne glass might be tempting, it can be a cleaning nightmare and potentially ruin the drink. Stick to washable glass markers.
  4. Avoid Large Charms: While charms can make a lovely addition, be careful not to use ones that are too large or heavy, as they can unbalance the glass.
  5. Avoid Sharp or Pointed Decorations: Safety first! Avoid any decorations with sharp or pointed edges that could cause injury. Always opt for smooth and rounded decorations.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure your champagne glass decorating experience is stress-free and enjoyable. Remember to have fun and get creative with your designs!

5 Different Theme Ideas

Decorating the Glasses With Rose Petals
  1. Festive Holiday: For a festive touch, use red and green ribbons, ornaments, or mini candy canes as decorations on your champagne glasses.
  2. Romantic Date Night: For a romantic evening with your significant other, consider decorating the glasses with rose petals, heart-shaped charms, or a handwritten love note tied around the stem.
  3. Glamorous Celebration: For a glamorous event, try using gold or silver glitter and elegant ribbon bows to give your champagne glasses a touch of sparkle.
  4. Tropical Getaway: Bring the beach vibes to your party by attaching mini paper umbrellas or seashell charms to your glasses. You can also add a dash of tropical flavor with fruit garnishes like pineapple or coconut.
  5. Birthday Bash: Celebrating a birthday? Add fun to your champagne glasses with colorful confetti party hats, or even attach mini party favors to the stem.

These are just a few theme ideas to get you started, but feel free to mix and match different decorations to create your unique theme.

What Can You Put in a Champagne Glass?

Aside from the obvious choice of champagne, there are other fun and creative options that you can put in your decorated champagne glass. Here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Sparkling Cider: For non-alcoholic celebrations or those who don’t drink alcohol, sparkling cider is a great alternative to champagne. It still has the same bubbly effect and can be just as delicious when paired with the proper garnishes.
  2. Fruit Punch: Consider filling your champagne glass with a colorful fruit punch for a refreshing and fruity option. Add some fruit slices or edible flowers for an extra touch of elegance.
  3. Cocktail Creations: Get creative and mix up your unique cocktail to serve in a champagne glass. You can use the glass as a base and add different juices, syrups, or flavored spirits to make your drink.
  4. Champagne Jell-O Shots: For a fun twist on traditional champagne, try making Jell-O shots! These are perfect for parties and can be decorated with edible glitter or fruit slices for an extra pop of color.
  5. Mocktails: Don’t forget about the little ones or non-drinkers at your party! Create a mocktail version of your favorite cocktail and serve it in a decorated champagne glass for a fancy touch.
Create a Mocktail Version

Plenty of options exist, so have fun experimenting and finding the perfect drink to pair with your beautifully decorated champagne glass.

What Colors Go With Champagne

When it comes to decorating a champagne glass, there are no specific color rules. However, some colors do tend to pair well with the elegant and luxurious feel of champagne. Here are five color combinations that go perfectly with champagne:

  1. Gold and White: This classic combination exudes elegance and sophistication, making it perfect for formal events or weddings.
  2. Black and Silver: For a more modern and chic look, try using black and silver as your color scheme. This combination also works great for New Year’s Eve parties.
  3. Pink and Gold: Add a touch of femininity with the sweet and romantic pairing of pink and gold. This is perfect for bridal showers or baby showers.
  4. Red and Green: These traditional holiday colors are perfect for a festive touch. Use them as accents on your champagne glasses for a pop of color.
  5. Blue and Silver: For a relaxed and calming vibe, try using shades of blue with silver accents. This is great for summer parties or beach-themed events.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different color combinations to find what works best for your event or personal style.


In conclusion, how to decorate a champagne glass is not only fun and creative, but it also adds a special touch to any celebration or event. From simple designs using paint or markers to more intricate techniques like etching or foil wrapping, there are endless possibilities for making your champagne glass stand out. Remember always to consider the occasion and your style when choosing a decorating method. It’s all about having fun and experimenting with different ideas.

So go ahead and give it a try! And don’t forget to share your creations with friends and family – they’ll surely be impressed. Cheers to beautiful and unique champagne glasses! Now it’s your turn to grab supplies and let your imagination run wild.

Whether for a wedding, birthday party, or just a cozy night in with loved ones, adding that personal touch to your champagne glasses will make the occasion even more special. So go on, get crafting!

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