How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to your Christmas tree can add a unique touch of luxury and grace to your holiday decor. Whether you choose poinsettias, holly berries, ivy vines, or any other type of flower, adding them to your tree will bring life into the room and elevate the ordinary decorations into something truly extraordinary. 

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Flowers

In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for how to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers so that it can be a beautiful centerpiece for all of your winter gatherings.

So if you’re looking for a way to make this year’s holiday celebrations extra special, keep reading-we’ve got everything from color coordination ideas to creative ways of using traditional Christmastime foliage!

Can You Put Flowers on a Christmas Tree?

Yes, you can put flowers on a Christmas tree! Adding fresh or dried flowers to your holiday tree is a great way to add color and interest to your festive décor. You can buy pre-made bouquets of dried flowers specifically designed for use in holiday decorations, or you can create your own arrangements with fresh blooms.

Here are some tips for creating a unique and eye-catching Christmas tree with flowers:

  1. Start by selecting a base layer of greenery like spruce, fir, pine, or holly boughs to make up the bulk of your tree.
  2. Add pre-made flower bouquets in bright colors such as red, purple, pink, and gold.
  3. Create a custom arrangement by clipping fresh flowers from around your garden or purchasing bouquets at the store. Choose bright blooms such as poinsettias, roses, daisies, carnations, and lilies.
  4. Cut stems to fit and secure them with floral tape before arranging them in the tree.
  5. Finish off your tree with festive ornaments and lights to add a twinkle of holiday cheer!
Finish off your tree with festive ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree with flowers is not only beautiful but also surprisingly simple. With these tips, you can create a stunning flower-adorned holiday tree that will certainly be the centerpiece of your holiday décor. 

You’ll love the unique and elegant look that fresh or dried flowers bring to your tree and home! So, go ahead and give it a try this season! Let your creative vision shine through with a festive flower-adorned Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

9 Methods on How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Flowers

1. Use a Floral Garland

One of the simplest ways to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers is to use a floral garland. Garland can be made from fresh or artificial flowers and can be draped around the tree in a variety of ways.

You can also add other decorations to the garland, such as ribbons or beads. If you are using fresh flowers, make sure to change out the water in the vase regularly. While garland may provide a simpler way to decorate the tree, it can be time-consuming if you are using fresh flowers.

2. Add Flowering Branch Tips

Another easy way to add flowers to your Christmas tree is to add flowering branch tips. You can find these at most craft stores, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Simply insert the tips into the branches of your tree, and you’ll have instant blossoms! You can also purchase artificial flower stems, which you can cut and attach to the branches of your tree.

Add Flowers to Your Christmas Tree

These are great if you want to create more of a wildflower look. For an added touch, tie ribbons around the stems for an extra pop of color. Make sure to fluff the stems to get the full effect. You can also tuck in tiny ornaments and bows around the flowers. This will give your Christmas tree a unique and festive look.

3. Make a Flower Crown

One of the most beautiful ways to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers is to make a flower crown. You can find tutorials for how to make flower crowns online or in craft books. Once you’ve made your crown, simply place it atop your tree for an elegant look.

If you don’t want to make a crown from scratch, you can also purchase pre-made floral crowns online or in craft stores.

If you are using a fresh flower crown, make sure to check it regularly for wilting and replace the flowers if necessary. You can also purchase fake flower crowns, which will last longer and look just as good. No matter which type of flower crown you choose, it is sure to add a beautiful and festive touch to your holiday tree.

4. Use Fresh Flowers

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to decorate your Christmas tree with flowers, then you can’t go wrong with using fresh flowers. Roses, lilies, and poinsettias are all classic choices that will look beautiful on your tree. Simply attach the stems of the flowers to the branches using wire or ribbon.

You can also use flower garlands to drape around the tree for an extra festive touch. Make sure you use good quality floral foam to hold the flowers in place and mist them with water every day to keep them fresh. When it comes time to take down the tree, you can give the flowers away as gifts or replant them in your garden.

5. Create a Floral Swag

Floral swag is another beautiful way to decorate your Christmas tree with flowers. To create a swag, simply take a length of ribbon or fabric and drape it over the branches of your tree. Then, attach fresh or artificial flowers along the length of the ribbon using wire or glue.

Floral Swag is Another Beautiful Way

This can add a beautiful look of movement and grace to your Christmas tree. Make sure to secure the swag properly so it won’t slide off the branches. With the right flowers, a floral swag can be a stunning addition to your Christmas tree decor.

6. Hang Flower Ornaments

One unique way to decorate your Christmas tree with flowers is to hang flower ornaments from the branches. You can purchase ready-made flower ornaments, or you can make your own using silk flowers and some basic crafting supplies. Either way, they’re sure to add some extra flair to your tree!

To make your own, begin by shaping some wire into a loop and attaching it to the back of a silk flower. Then glue some greenery around the flower. Once everything is dry, you can attach the ornament to a branch on your tree. With a little creativity, you can make all kinds of unique flower ornaments for your Christmas tree!

7. Make Flower Lights

Another fun way to decorate your Christmas tree with flowers is to make flower lights. This project is perfect for kids, as they can help you assemble the lights and then enjoy watching them light up the room! To make flower lights, simply glue silk flowers onto string lights using hot glue or another strong adhesive.

Then, plug in the lights and enjoy! Be sure to keep the flower lights away from anything flammable and unplug them when you’re not in the room. You can use any type of flower you want, so get creative and make unique lights for your tree!

8. Wrap Flowers Around Tree Trunks

If you have multiple trees in your home, then you can use them all as part of your holiday decoration scheme by wrapping them in flowers! This is a particularly pretty look if you have trees with light-colored bark, as the contrast will really make the blooms pop.

To wrap trees in flowers, simply attach garlands of fresh or artificial blooms around their trunks using wire or ribbon.

Make sure to leave some space between each loop of the garland so the individual flowers can be seen. You can also attach small bouquets or single blooms to the tree with wire or ribbon for an added touch.

Simply Attach Garlands of Fresh

Finish it off with a few sprigs of greenery like eucalyptus or holly for a festive feel. With this look, you’ll have a Christmas tree that looks straight out of a winter wonderland!

9. Add Ornaments.

After the flowers have been arranged, add ornaments to finish off the tree. Choose colorful decorations that will complement your flowers and make the Christmas tree extra special. Opt for traditional glass balls or fun, festive options like snowflakes or candy canes to add a cheerful touch.

Tie the ornaments onto branches using thin ribbons and make sure they are secure so they won’t fall off during the season.


Follow these steps for a beautiful and unique Christmas tree that will be the talk of your holiday party. If you’re short on time, consider using fake flowers to achieve the same look. 
And don’t forget to have fun with it – after all, this is supposed to be a joyful season! If you have any other questions about decorating a Christmas tree with flowers, or if you want to learn more about how to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers, be sure to check out our other blog posts. Thanks for reading!

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