How to Decorate a Hall Tree

How to Decorate a Hall Tree

Decorating a hall tree can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It’s an easy way to make a statement in any entryway or hallway, as well as providing a convenient place for guests to hang their coats and hats when they visit your home.

Having your own custom hall tree adds instant charm and character to any living area, and with the right plan of attack, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either!

In this blog post series, I’ll show you how easy it is to transform an otherwise unremarkable piece of furniture into something truly remarkable by taking you through step-by-step guidelines on how to decorate a hall tree, creating eye-catching décor combinations using accessories such as baskets, mirrors or bulletin boards, then finishing off with some tips on storage organization that will ensure both style and function. So let’s get started!

Can You Put Hall Tree in Living Room?

The answer to this question is yes. You can absolutely put a hall tree in your living room. With its many storage compartments and shelves, a hall tree is an excellent addition to any home’s entryway or hallway, but it can also be used to add a special touch of style and organization to your living room.

Organization to Your Living Room

Hall trees can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so why not make use of their many benefits in the living room?

To get a great look at your hall tree in the living room, consider its placement. A good spot is just inside the doorway leading into the living room – this allows guests to hang their coats as they enter while also creating an attractive visual feature.

You should also choose a size that fits well in the space you have allotted for it; if it’s too big or too small, it won’t look right or provide enough storage.

When it comes to decorating your hall tree, there are tons of possibilities! Try adding plants, family photos, decorative baskets, and other items to the shelves. You can also choose a hall tree with an attractive finish to match your existing décor or paint it in a color that stands out against the rest of the room.

A hall tree is a great way to bring both style and convenience into your living room. With careful placement, decoration choices, and measurements, you can have an organized space that looks good and serves its purpose too.  So don’t be afraid to put a hall tree in your living room – you won’t regret it!

8 Methods How to Decorate a Hall Tree

1. Add a Mirror

Adding a mirror to your hall tree is a great way to make the space feel larger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light and can help to create the illusion of more space. Additionally, they can be used as a decorative element to add interest to the area. Choose a mirror with an interesting frame or design to make it stand out.

Mirror is Also a Practical Element

If the hall tree is placed near the entrance of your home, a mirror is also a practical element that allows you to check your appearance before leaving. Though a large mirror may be the most noticeable, smaller mirrors can be used to create an interesting mosaic pattern.

2. Hang Wall Art

Hanging wall art is another great way to decorate a hall tree. Wall art can add color and interest to the space, and it can also be used to express your personal style. Choose artwork that complements the other elements in the space, such as the furniture or the flooring. Consider hanging a small framed piece of art above the hall tree, or hang multiple pieces on an interesting gallery wall.

Be sure to use proper hardware and techniques to hang the art securely and safely. Additionally, select pieces of art that will fit in the available space without overpowering it. While larger pieces of art can be used to draw attention and add drama, smaller pieces may be better if the space is limited.

3. Add Greenery

Adding greenery is a great way to add life to a hall tree. Plants can help to purify the air, and they can also be used as decoration. Choose plants that are low-maintenance, and that will thrive in the environment you have created. Hang a wreath or greenery on the hall tree for an attractive, seasonal look.

Or place small pots of flowers and plants throughout the space to add some color. If you have a green thumb, consider growing ivy or other climbing plants on the hall tree to create an enchanted look. There are many ways to add greenery to your hall tree. Experiment and find the look that works best for you.

However, it is important to make sure the plants get enough water and light, or else they will not thrive.

4. Use Lighting

Lighting is Essential for Any Space

Proper lighting is essential for any space, and a hall tree is no exception. Use lighting to create different moods in the space and to highlight specific areas. For example, you could use track lighting to highlight wall art or recessed lighting to create a more ambient atmosphere. If you are feeling adventurous, why not try a chandelier or pendant lights to complete the look?

Place small lamps on your hall tree for a warm, cozy glow in the evenings. With a few strategic lighting elements, you can easily create an inviting atmosphere in your entryway. Although it might seem small, lighting can make a big impact on the overall look of your hall tree.

5. Place Rugs or Carpets

Rugs and carpets are another great way to decorate a hall tree. They can add color and texture to the space, and they can also help to protect your flooring from dirt and debris.

Choose rugs or carpets that complement the other elements in the space, such as furniture or wall art. You may want to choose a smaller rug or carpet that can be placed at the base of the hall tree and a larger one that wraps around it.

Consider using rugs that feature geometric or floral patterns to add a touch of visual interest. When choosing the right size, be sure to measure the area around the hall tree to ensure that you get the right fit.

6. Arrange Furniture Strategically

Arranging furniture strategically is a great way to make the most of your space. For example, you could place a sofa against one wall and a coffee table in front of it. Or, you could place two chairs facing each other with a side table between them. Experiment with different arrangements until you find one that you love!

Place a Sofa Against One Wall

You can also use the hall tree to add extra seating or storage, depending on the style you choose. Place the hall tree near an entryway so you can easily access items like keys and umbrellas. Although it may take some time to find the perfect arrangement, it will be worth it in the end!

7. Accessorize with Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws are great ways to accessorize a hall tree. They can add color and texture, and they can also be used as decorations. Choose pillows and throws that complement the other elements in the space, such as the furniture or the wall art. Choose different sizes and shapes of pillows, and mix and match patterns.

Throws can be draped over the top of the hall tree or the bench for a cozy and inviting look.

Try to mix different textures, such as velvet and cotton, to create a unique look. In addition to adding comfort and style, pillows and throws can also be functional. They can be used for extra seating or to provide additional warmth on cold days. With the right accessories, a hall tree can become an inviting and comfortable area to relax.

8. Use Window Treatments

Window treatments are another great way to decorate a hall tree. They can add privacy, and they can also be used as decoration. Choose window treatments that complement the other elements in the space, such as furniture or wall art. Curtains, drapes, and blinds all work great for this purpose.

Consider picking curtains in a fun pattern or color that will draw.

Attention to the hall tree. You can also use them to add texture and dimension to the space, such as a sheer curtain that adds just a hint of light and airiness. For more privacy, consider using thicker curtains or blinds that can be opened and closed.

Things to Consider When Decorating a Hall tree

1. Choose the Right Style:

Hall trees come in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Consider your home’s decor and choose a style that will best fit in with your existing furnishings.

2. Select the Right Size:

Hall trees come in various sizes, so make sure to measure the available space before you buy one. You don’t want to end up with a piece of furniture that is too large or small for the area.

3. Consider Your Storage Needs:

Hall trees can be used for a variety of storage needs, such as coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas and other items. Choose a hall tree that has enough shelves and hooks to accommodate all your storage needs while still leaving room for decorative pieces such as artwork or flowers.

4. Decide on the Finish:

Hall trees come in a variety of finishes, such as wood, metal, and painted. Consider the overall look you want to achieve and choose a finish that will complement your home’s decor.

5. Add Decorative Touches:

Once you have purchased your hall tree, don’t forget to add decorative touches that will make it stand out. For example, hang artwork or mirrors on the wall above it or place baskets and plants on the shelves for added interest. You can also paint or stain the hall tree to give it a custom look. The possibilities are endless!

Mirrors on the Wall Above It

By taking the time to consider these factors and adding personal touches, you can create a hall tree that is both functional and attractive. With all the options available, it’s easy to find one that will fit your style and needs. So have fun decorating!

What Do You Store in a Hall Tree?

A hall tree is a great piece of furniture for displaying and organizing items. While it’s traditionally used to store coats, hats, and other outerwear, there are many creative ways that you can use its shelves and hooks for additional storage. Consider stowing away mittens and scarves on the lower hooks or storing umbrellas and dusters in the larger trunk.

You can hang keys, handbags, or backpacks on additional hooks for easy access as soon as you walk in the door. If you’re feeling really creative, try using the shelves for plants or even books! The possibilities are endless—it all depends on what you need to store and how you want to display it.

With a little bit of creative thinking, you can transform your hall tree into a style-enhancing storage center!

Using the Shelves for Plants

Decorating your hall tree is all about personal preference. If you’re going for an elegant look, try adding decorative touches like potpourri, wall art, or woven baskets for extra storage. For a more modern or funky look, you can paint the piece and add bright accents like patterned pillows or brightly colored hooks.

Get creative with fabric, flowers, and other wall art to personalize the area as much as possible! Whatever you choose, it’s important to design your hall tree in a way that reflects your personal style. With a bit of thought and effort, you can turn your hall tree into the perfect stylish storage center!


Designing and decorating a hall tree doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the tips in this blog post on how to decorate a hall tree, you can easily create a stylish and functional piece of furniture that will make your home more organized and welcoming.

With a little time and effort, you can transform an ordinary hall tree into a beautiful focal point for your entryway.

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