How to Decorate a Piano for Christmas

Are you looking to add a festive touch to your living room this holiday season? You must know how to decorate a piano for christmas. Consider decorating your piano with traditional Christmas decorations!

A grand piano makes an excellent centerpiece for any home and adding some garland, bows, or even twinkle lights can turn it into a magical sight that is sure to get the Christmas spirit flowing. 

How to Decorate a Piano for Christmas

In this article, we’ll be discussing all of the best ways to decorate a piano for a seasonal look that brings together old-fashioned tradition and modern sophistication. Keep reading on to find out how you can give your house that extra holiday cheer!

Tools You Will Need

6 Steps Guide on How to Decorate a Piano for Christmas

1. Wrap the Legs of Your Piano

Decorating your piano for Christmas is a fun and easy way to give your home a festive touch. To start, wrap the legs of your piano with either Christmas garland or ribbons, depending on which you have available and what fits your style. Be sure you complete this step properly by taking extra care to wrap them tightly so they will stay put. 

Once that is done, you can move on to other decoration ideas like hanging some mistletoe over the keys, affixing snowflakes made of construction paper around it, adding candy canes, or anything else that strikes your fancy! Get creative and enjoy making your piano a beautiful piece of holiday decor in your home.

2. Decorate the Sides and Front of the Piano

Decorating a piano for Christmas has never been easier! Bows are the perfect way to add the classic holiday touch to any piano. For a traditional approach, use red and green bows or ribbons in various sizes. For a modern feel, try incorporating all the different colors of the rainbow.

Use Red and Green Bows

You can wrap long pieces of ribbon around all four sides, allowing them to cascade down the front. Include some small-sized bows in various places around the ribbon. With this simple decoration, your piano will have that instant festive feeling!

3. Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Design

Decorating a piano for Christmas adds an extra level of unique holiday cheer to your home. Adding some twinkle lights or other decorative Christmas lights around the top of the piano is an easy, yet impactful way to give it a magical holiday feel. These lights can be draped along the edges or draped around candles or figurines to create a beautiful display. 

Having these soft, glowing lights around your piano sets a festive ambiance that family and friends will appreciate as they enjoy winter concertos being played throughout the evening. The addition of twinkle lights even gives you more flexibility when it comes to decorating with garland, ribbons, and other pieces — all in the spirit of the season!

4. Add Some Extra Decorations

To get your piano looking festive for the holidays, there are plenty of decorations that can add to its charm. Artificial snowflakes come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can arrange them in whatever way you, please. Pine cones, too, make great accents – simply spray paint them in festive colors if you want to take the decoration up a notch! 

Furthermore, tinsel or festive ribbons wrapped around the piano’s legs and branches with lights around, and ornaments hung along the curve of the keys, these ideas all add an extra touch of holiday cheer to any piano. So have some creative fun this Christmas season and decorate your piano however you, please!

5. Turn Your Attention Inside

Now that you’ve finished making the exterior of your piano look festive, it’s time to focus on the interior. To start with, adorn the music stand with some holiday-themed sheet music, it is sure to add an elegant touch to your festive arrangement. Then consider stringing garland or any other type of decoration you would like around the inside of the piano. 

Other decorative items such as poinsettias, bells, and even mini sleighs could be placed around for a more personal touch. Adding a few decorations to the inside of your piano will surely make all who hear its sound during this special time feel the Christmas spirit.

Decorative Items Such as Poinsettias

6. Place Greens or Artificial Snow

Adorning a grand piano for Christmas can be easily done with some greens and a creative touch. If your grand piano has a lid, you can go the extra festive mile by arranging pine sprays, holly, or even strings of artificial snow atop the piano. 

Choosing items to decorate with is up to you, but be sure to use fresh greens if available—they’re not only eye-catching but give off a bright and inviting scent! 

And no matter what decorations you choose, they’ll certainly add just the right amount of holiday cheer that you and everyone else in the home can enjoy.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to turn any ordinary piano into a spectacular holiday decoration. Have fun with it and add your personal touch so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of your Christmas piano this holiday season!

Tips to Decorate a Piano for Christmas

  1. Use garland to drape across the top of the piano. You can use green garland, red garland, or a combination of both.
  2. Hang a wreath on the front of the piano. You can use a traditional evergreen wreath, or get creative and use a wreath made from holly berries or pinecones.
  3. Place candles on top of the piano. Be sure to use battery-operated candles for safety.
  4. Place a bowl of fruit on top of the piano. This can be real fruit or artificial fruit.
  5. Place a vase of flowers on top of the piano. Fresh flowers are always lovely, but you can also use silk flowers if you prefer.
  6. Hang stockings on the side of the piano. If you don’t have enough stockings for everyone in your family, you can also hang them on the back of chairs or doorknobs.
  7. Place a plate of cookies on top of the piano. Be sure to include some holiday-themed cookies, such as gingerbread men or sugar cookies decorated with icing and sprinkles.
  8. Put a small Christmas tree on top of the piano. If you don’t have room for a full-sized tree, a tabletop tree or even a potted plant would work just as well.
  9. Hang a sign with a holiday message on the front of the piano. This could be something as simple as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”
  10. Use your imagination! There are endless possibilities for how you can decorate your piano for Christmas. Just have fun and be creative!
Hang a Sign With a Holiday Message

How to Transform Your Piano into a Winter Wonderland This Holiday Season?

Transform your piano into a winter wonderland this holiday season with a few simple decorative touches! Start by hanging festive garlands of pine, holly, and mistletoe across the piano. Or if those are not available, try using bright strings of Christmas lights or white ribbon in their place. Place cute holiday ornaments on the strings and around the base. 

You can even hang stockings filled with treats to get into the spirit! To take it one step further, you could put up a small winter party scene with miniature snowmen and deer figurines on top of the piano. Whatever decorations you choose, they will be sure to create an amazing atmosphere for all your holiday tunes.

Spice Up This Christmas With These Creative Ideas To Decorate A Piano

This Christmas, give your piano the holiday treatment it deserves. With a few crafty decorations, your piano can become an eye-catching centerpiece in any room. A good way to get started is by using paper to create traditional holiday decorations like wreaths, snowflakes, and gingerbread men. 

You can also make intricate designs with colored tape and LED lights around the base of the piano. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to conventional decorations – why not make use of ribbons and bows? A festive mixture of colors at the top or sides will make anyone feel merry this Yuletide season. 

No matter what kinds of decorations you opt for, dressing up your piano for Christmas is sure to be a unique experience!

Hanging Festive Garlands of Pine

How to Decorate Your Grand or Upright Pianos For an Entertaining Christmas Celebration?

From glittery bows to classic evergreen wreaths, there are many fun and festive ways to decorate your grand or upright pianos for an entertaining Christmas celebration. Add some holiday cheer and get creative by setting up a charming display around the piano, like candy canes on the keys and garlands draped along the legs. 

Top off the look with a few gingerbread house figurines tucked behind the music stand or colorful ribbons cascading down one side to bring a bit of holiday spirit into your home. For extra sparkle and whimsy, dangle some strings of twinkling lights from the frame of the instrument and hang an ornamental star from its lid. 

Whether you choose subtle elegance or vibrant colors, decorating your piano is sure to make for a cheerful Christmastime soiree!


You can use many different objects to decorate your piano for Christmas. garland, poinsettias, candles, stockings, and even a miniature Christmas tree. You should carefully determine how to decorate a piano for christmas. 

Be sure to take into consideration the safety of your decorations and keep them away from any open flames. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your Piano into a holiday masterpiece that will be the talk of your Christmas party!

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