How to Decorate Alcoves in High Ceilings

Alcoves in high ceilings have the potential to be a beautiful feature in your home, but they can also be tricky to decorate. Whether you’re creating a cozy reading nook or an eye-catching accent piece, it’s important that the windowed walls of your alcove are decorated with purpose and style.

How to Decorate Alcoves in High Ceilings

Finding the right mix of furniture, décor elements, colors, and textures can help maximize this unique space and make it part of your design story.

In this blog post, we will explore creative techniques on how to decorate alcoves in high ceilings that bring out their best characteristics. With a few helpful tips from us, plus plenty of inspiration from past projects – you’ll have everything you need to turn those tall awkward areas into amazing focal points!

Understanding the Potential of Alcoves in High Ceilings

High ceilings can add drama to a room. They also provide the opportunity for unique decorating strategies, including the use of alcoves. Alcoves are indentations in walls that create built-in shelves, bookcases, recessed seating, and more. When placed in high ceilings, they take on an even greater significance by providing visual variety as well as storage and seating options in the upper parts of a room.

When decorating alcoves in high ceilings, it’s important to consider how to make them truly stand out. One way is by adding decorations that are taller than normal, such as floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or sculptures. This will draw the eye upwards and add a sense of grandeur to the space. Similarly, you can use wall art that reaches all the way up to the ceiling line, creating an impressive visual effect. Paint is another great tool for bringing attention to your alcoves; you can choose bright colors or even wallpaper patterns that contrast with the rest of the room’s scheme.

Lighting is another great way to make your alcoves pop. Spotlights that shine directly on your shelves or seating area will bring definition to the alcove and add a dramatic, cozy touch to the room. Dimming the lights in the rest of the room will further define your alcove’s look and feel.

10 Methods How to Decorate Alcoves in High Ceilings

1. Paint the Alcove a Different Color

One easy way to decorate an alcove is to simply paint it a different color than the rest of the room. This can help to create a focal point and make the space feel more unique. If you have a high ceiling, you may want to consider painting the alcove a darker color than the rest of the room to make it feel more cozy.

Create a Focal Point

Although darker colors will add depth and drama, lighter colors can help to make the room feel airy. Choose a color that compliments the rest of the decor and creates an eye-catching effect.

2. Hang Curtains in the Alcove

Another way to decorate an alcove is to hang curtains. This can help to create a more intimate space and make it feel like its own little room within a room. If you have a high ceiling, you may want to hang the curtains closer to the ceiling so that they don’t overwhelm the space.

If you’re hanging curtains near windows, be sure to measure the exact distance between the window and the ceiling. This will ensure that your curtains are hung at the correct height. When selecting curtains, opt for lightweight fabrics that will move easily in the air and help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Place a Bench or Chair in the Alcove

If you have a smaller alcove, you may want to consider placing a bench or chair inside of it. This can create a cozy reading nook or simply provide somewhere for you to sit and relax. If you have a larger alcove, you could even place a sofa or loveseat inside of it. The furniture should be chosen in a complementary style and color to the rest of the room’s décor.

Be sure to measure your space before you purchase your furniture to make sure it will fit. Additionally, if you have a high ceiling, be sure the furniture does not block too much of the alcove’s view. You can also add a few pillows or throws to make the area even more inviting.

Consider Placing a Bench

4. Decorate with Lights

Another way to decorate an alcove is by hanging lights. This can help to create a warm and inviting space that feels like its own little oasis. You could hang string lights around the perimeter of the alcove or even place candles inside of it. If you have a ceiling fan, consider adding some pendant lights that hang down from it to light up the area.

You can even use a combination of both string lights and candles to create a beautiful atmosphere. Just be sure to follow any safety guidelines when using open flames or electricity. With the right lighting, you will be able to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your alcove.

5. Place Plants in the Alcove

If you love plants, then consider placing some in your alcove. This can help to create a serene and calming space that feels like an oasis from the rest of the world. You could even hang some plants from the ceiling if you have a high ceiling. There are a variety of plants that you can choose from that will fit the space and add beauty and life to the alcove.

Plus, it can act as a natural air filter to help cleanse the air in your home. Try to pick plants that require low maintenance and can thrive in the environment where you are placing them. You may even want to consider a vertical garden if your alcove allows to help take up more space.

Consider a Vertical Garden

6. Display Artwork in the Alcove

If you’re an artist or simply enjoy collecting artwork, then consider displaying some in your alcove. This can help to make the space feel more personal and unique while also adding visual interest.

You could hang artwork on the walls or even place sculptures or other pieces on shelves or tables inside the alcove. Just be sure to use appropriate hanging hardware for heavier pieces. When it comes to the artwork, you can choose whatever style you prefer.

If you’re looking for something to tie in with the rest of your decor, however, you can pick pieces that match the color palette or design elements of the room. You could also consider selecting artwork that reflects the purpose of the alcove or even something related to its history if known.

7. Use Mirrors to Decorate the Alcove

Another way to decorate an alcove is by using mirrors. Mirrors can help to make a space feel larger and brighter while also adding visual interest. You could hang mirrors on the walls or place them on tables or shelves inside the alcove.

You could also choose a large mirror and lean it against one side of the alcove for an interesting visual effect. If you are using multiple mirrors, be sure to vary the sizes and shapes for an interesting look.

Consider adding wall sconces around a large mirror or using multiple mirrors in different sizes to create a collage. Mirrors are also great for reflecting light and creating depth in a space, making them an ideal choice for alcoves with high ceilings.

8. Install Shelving in The Alcoves

Shelving is always a great idea when trying to figure out howto decorate an awkward space such as an alcoves . It provides both function and form, giving you ample opportunity to get creative with both what goes ONTO the shelves as well as how the shelving itself looks.

For example, try using mismatched brackets or colorful paint on simple wood shelving for added personality. If you’re feeling ambitious, consider building a custom shelf unit into the alcove with open shelving and storage – this is especially great if your alcove is quite large and can accommodate the additional structure.

Finally, remember that shelves don’t have to be filled with books or knick-knacks try hanging framed art for a beautiful gallery wall, or even install LED lighting on the underside of shelves to give them a soft glow.

Hanging Framed Art

9. Hang Tapestries or Curtains FROM The Ceiling

This one’s especially effective if your home has higher ceilings —and who doesn’t love feeling like they’re living in a castle? Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to better fill vertical spaces and add some extra warmth to any room.

Just be sure that whatever textile you choose is lightweight enough that it won’t damage your ceiling —and that it’s securely fastened so it doesn’t come crashing down on your head while you sleep.

10. Paint The Entire Alcoves One Solid Color

This will obviously take some time and effort, but painting an entire accent wall or even just one small section of wall in a solid color can really make The space pop and draw The eye upwards to appreciate The height of your ceilings.


In summary, decorating an alcove in a high-ceiling space can take some careful consideration. From selecting the aesthetic to visualizing what items will look best, it’s a project that you want to be sure to spend plenty of time planning.

Always remember to measure your space and consider factors such as the size of furniture items, available wall space for prints and artwork, and budget. Additionally, don’t forget the power of texture in creating an eye-catching alcove. Take these points into account for making your alcove come alive!

Now that you have all the knowledge and information from this blog post, it’s time to start exploring ideas for how to decorate alcoves in high ceilings; looking at paint swatches or rearranging furniture should help inspire you as well! So don’t hesitate any longer — start envisioning designs for the perfect alcove today!

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