How to Decorate Around a Mini Split

Mini Split systems provide energy-efficient comfort that can be installed in places where traditional central air conditioning and heating would be difficult or impossible.

How to Decorate Around a Mini Split

The sleek designs make them ideal for modern spaces, but they can also be dressed up to fit into more traditionally styled rooms. You can take a few simple steps to enhance the look of any room with a mini split system.

One of the biggest advantages of decorating around a mini split is that it can be incredibly versatile and flexible. You can create an intimate space or open up the room with modern furniture and accessories.

The walls in your home will no longer be just another surface to cover but rather the perfect opportunity to express your personal style and design aesthetic. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to decorate around a mini split in this blog article.

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Decorate Around a Mini Split

Step 1: Inspect Your Mini Split

Before you decide on any decorating ideas, take a close look at your mini split. Consider its primary use, how often it will be used, and where it will be placed in the room.

How your furniture is arranged in a room can make or break how it looks. If you want to ensure that your mini split doesn’t stand out too much, try rearranging your furniture, so it isn’t the room’s main focus. This can help create a more balanced atmosphere.

Step 2: Choose Your Color Palette

When it comes to decorating around a mini-split, color is everything. The type of colors you choose for your walls and furniture will set the tone and mood of the room. Decide on one or two main colors to achieve a cohesive look, and then pick accent shades that work with those.

Step 3: Hang Wall Art

Hanging wall art above and around the mini split can greatly draw attention away from it. Be sure that the size of your artwork is appropriate for the room and its distance from the mini split. If you’re not sure what kind of art would look best, try using an eclectic mix of pieces, such as a large painting or photography print.

Hanging Wall Art Above

Step 4: Add Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to the walls surrounding your mini-split can provide texture and color without being overpowering. Look for wallpapers that have a complementary hue to your existing wall colors and match it with more subtle furnishings and accessories.

Curtains are a great way to frame a mini split while providing an extra layer of privacy and insulation. Choose curtains that have a similar shade as your walls but in a different texture or pattern. This will help create more depth and balance in the room.

Step 5: Place a Rug

Placing a rug in front of your mini-split can effectively draw attention away from it. Rugs come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, so you’re sure to find one that works with the style you are going for.

Adding decor accessories such as vases, sculptures, or picture frames can be a great way to break up the room. Be sure to choose pieces that are in harmony with your wall colors and other furniture in the room.

Step:6 Place Plants

Plants can be a great way to add life to a room and provide a natural contrast to the metal surfaces of your mini-split. Place potted plants around the unit or hang planters from the ceiling.

If you have an awkward space above your mini-split, consider adding shelves. You can store knick-knacks, books, or other items that you don’t want to display elsewhere in the room.

Step 7: Choose Lighting

Finally, choose lighting fixtures that will draw attention away from your mini split and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Hanging pendant lights near the mini-split can help soften its presence, or you can install track lighting to draw attention to other room areas.

Following these steps will help ensure that your mini split blends into the overall design of your room while also providing you with a comfortable living space.

Choose Lighting Fixtures

Tips for How to Decorate Around a Mini Split

  1. Ensure ample space around the mini split for enough air circulation and room for maintenance or repairs.
  2. Avoid placing furniture, drapes, or other decorative items too close to the mini split as it may obstruct airflow and be a safety hazard.
  3. Do not hang anything from the mini split outdoor unit.
  4. Make sure to take care when painting around the mini split and ensure that no paint comes in contact with any internal parts.
  5. Avoid installing new electrical lines or devices near the mini split as it could cause an electrical hazard.
  6. Do not place large plants or other items directly on top of the mini split outdoor unit as this may block the proper airflow and cause the system to overheat.
  7. If you are considering mounting a television or other decorations near the mini split, use appropriate wall mounts or stands that allow for sufficient air circulation around it.

Following these tips will help ensure that your mini-split system can continue running optimally and safely for many years to come.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Decorate Around a Mini Split Unit? 

A Feature Wall Effectively Draws Attention Away

One of the great things about mini split air conditioners is their versatility they are easily installed in any room, no matter how big or small. But with that said, it can be challenging to decorate around them and maintain the aesthetic you want for your home. If you’re looking for some creative ways to decorate around your mini split unit, here are some ideas:

  • Create a Feature Wall: A feature wall effectively draws attention away from the mini split and towards something else in the room. You can do this by painting the wall a different color or adding wallpaper. Alternatively, you could also hang art pieces or decorative items like mirrors to help create a focal point.
  • Hang Curtains: Hanging curtains around the mini split is an easy and affordable way to add style to your room while keeping the unit hidden. Thick or textured fabrics are great options as they will muffle any noise the unit makes, but lighter fabrics can also work.
  • Add Greenery: Adding a few plants or flowers to the area can help break up the room’s look and make it feel more inviting. It’s also a great way to bring some life into the space while covering up any unsightly components of your mini split unit.
  • Use Furniture: Placing furniture around the mini split can be an effective way to disguise it. Try placing an armchair or side table nearby, for example, to help draw attention away from the unit. Or, if you have a larger space, consider investing in a sofa or couch and arranging it strategically around the unit so that it blends in with your overall decor.

By taking the time to consider your options and plan ahead carefully, you can create a stunning look for any room – even one with a mini split unit.

How Much Maintenance Do Mini Splits Require? 

Mini-splits are extremely low-maintenance compared to other heating and cooling systems, such as central air or a furnace. However, it’s still important to ensure that you properly maintain your mini-split system to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. Each month, check the condenser coils for dirt or debris buildup and remove any as needed.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you have the system serviced by a qualified technician once a year to ensure everything is running correctly and efficiently. This service should include a check of all connections, cleaning of any debris from the outdoor unit, and testing for gas leaks or refrigerant issues. Following these simple steps will help keep your mini-split system running smoothly for years to come.

Check the Condenser Coils for Dirt


The biggest disadvantage to decorating around a mini split is the fact that it is not always aesthetically pleasing. Mini-splits are typically installed in rooms where aesthetics don’t matter as much, such as in basements or garages. As a result, they can often be quite an eyesore when placed in more visible areas of your home.

Additionally, mini splits can disrupt the flow of any room as they are bulky and have several wires running to them.

In conclusion, decorating around a mini-split can be as creative and complex or as simple and straightforward as you like. The main key is to keep the design elements cohesive and balanced so that the size of the unit doesn’t take away from your overall décor scheme.

With thoughtful planning, you can create an attractive space that seamlessly blends style and function. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to decorate around a mini split. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically. 

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