How to Decorate Around a Wall Vent

If you’ve ever had to decorate a room with an oddly placed wall vent, then you know the challenge it can create. You must know how to decorate around a wall vent. Whether the air vent is in an unexpected spot on the wall or simply clashes with your carefully chosen décor, figuring out how to incorporate it into your design plan can be tricky. 

How to Decorate Around a Wall Vent

Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate a wall vent into any style of interior design – from modern and minimalist looks to traditional and luxurious interiors! In this blog post, we will explore several creative ideas for decorating around a wall vent so that you can transform its presence from “problematic” to “pleasing.”

Tools You Will Need

  • Paint
  • Tape measure
  • Wall art/decor
  • Shelving
  • Fabric/rugs

6 Steps Guide on How to Decorate Around a Wall Vent

1. Measure the Size and Area

This will help you determine what size wall art, shelving, or other decorative elements will fit around it well. Be sure to measure both the height and width of the vent as well as any trim that may be present to get an accurate measurement.

When you are decorating a wall that has a vent, it is important to measure both the size and shape of the vent as well as any trim or surrounding area. 

This way, you can easily decide which type of wall art, pillars, shelving, or other decorative elements would fit and suit it best. Remember that simply taking one measurement may not give an accurate representation and so be sure to take into account both height and width measurements when considering what items to incorporate into your design around the vent.

With these measurements taken, you can create a pleasing look without worrying about interfering with the vent itself.

2. Add a Pop of Color With Paint

A Wall Vent Can Become an Accent Piece

A great way to make your vent blend into its surroundings is by painting it the same color as the wall. If you’d like to make it stand out, try adding a bold accent color or pattern that complements your existing decor. Paint can be used to tie a space together or introduce a vibrant splash of color.

Instead of blending in, a wall vent can become an accent piece when painted in the same color as the rest of the room. If you’re looking to mix things up and let your personality shine through, make use of an unexpected bold shade that complements your existing decor.

As this can be relatively easy to change if desired, it’s worth making a statement with a bolder color choice since it may not last forever. Try any shade to add some pizzazz to your décor – it may just make all the difference in taking your interior design scheme up a notch!

3. Fill Up Space

Shelving that is placed around the vent can help to create an attractive and organized look while also providing additional storage space. Hooks are another great option for hanging bags, coats, or other items near the vent without taking up too much visual space.

Shelving and hooks are great ways to make good use of space around a wall vent! Rather than simply leaving this area as-is, shelving can be installed to create attractive visual interest while also providing storage – think books, baskets with plants or small trinkets, or even framed art.

Almost anything you’d like to add a cozy touch to your home can be displayed here, making it a great spot for additional decor. Or, opt for simple hanging hooks to hang bags, coats, and other items that might otherwise take up too much space.

Using Shelving or Hooks

Either way, using shelving or hooks will give you the freedom to easily switch up your style – and you’ll be able to customize the décor around your wall vent in no time.

4. Fill in Awkward Gaps

Wall art, such as prints, tapestries, and mirrors, can be used to fill in any awkward gaps around the vent. This is also a great way to add some personality and color to your space without overwhelming it. Wall art is a great way to jazz up and add life to any room.

Rather than let awkward gaps around wall vents remain blank, adding artwork gives your space more character and definition. 

With the variety of available prints, tapestries, and mirrors you will be able to find something that is perfect for your room. Additionally, wall art can be used as an outlet for self-expression and will help lessen the impact of the vent itself.

So instead of having bare walls around your vent, consider filling such gaps with dynamic wall decorations to create a more vibrant atmosphere in any space.

Awkward Gaps Around Wall Vents

5. Incorporate Rugs or Fabric

Choose durable materials, such as natural wool, cotton, jute, or sisal that are capable of handling regular maintenance. The color and pattern you choose will depend largely on the style of the room; try out some bolder colors to make a statement or more subdued shades for an elegant touch.

Ultimately, regardless of your choice of material and design, adding a rug or fabric near the vent can tie together any space with an eye-catching texture that also serves its purpose!

6. Balance Out the Space

Adding some greenery or other natural elements, such as stones, can help create a more balanced look in the space. This is also a great way to add some life and color without overwhelming the room. Decorating around a wall vent can be tricky, as the vent itself can disrupt the flow of your design.

Decorating Around a Wall Vent

Fortunately, by incorporating some plants or other natural elements such as stones, you can easily balance out the space and create a more cohesive look. 

Not only will this help to make the ventless visually dominating, but it will also add some life and color without overwhelming the room. The options for what to include here are limitless; from potted succulents to wooden bowls with river rocks, get creative and find something that matches your existing décor while still adding a unique twist.

In no time, you’ll have an effortlessly balanced aesthetic that highlights the best parts of your space — including the wall vent.

By following these tips, you can easily make your wall vent part of your design plan instead of an eyesore! With a bit of creativity and some careful planning, you’ll be able to create a beautiful space that incorporates the vent while still looking stylish. Good luck!               

Good luck decorating around your wall vent! With these tips, you’ll be able to give it a makeover that looks great and fits in perfectly with your decor.  Happy decorating!

Tips to Decorate Around a Wall Vent

Adding Some Greenery is a Great Way
  1. One of the best tips for decorating around a wall vent is to keep it simple. This means avoiding any clutter or busy patterns that could draw attention to the vent. Instead, opt for clean lines and a minimalistic approach.
  2. Another great tip for decorating around a wall vent is to paint it the same color as the wall. This will help to camouflage the vent and make it less noticeable.
  3. If you want to add a bit of personality to your space, then using wall decals is a great option. There are tons of different designs available, so you can easily find something that fits your style. Just be sure to avoid any decals that are too busy or detailed, as this could draw attention to the vent.
  4. Hanging a picture over the vent is another great way to decorate around it. This will help to draw the eye up and away from the vent. Just be sure to choose a picture that is the right size and scale for the space.
  5. Adding some greenery is a great way to liven up any space, and it can also help to camouflage a wall vent. Try placing a small potted plant on either side of the vent, or hanging a piece of greenery above it.
  6. If you have a wall vent that is located near a window, then using curtains or blinds is a great way to deal with it. Not only will this help to block out light, but it can also provide some privacy if needed.

Just be sure to choose curtains or blinds that are light in color, as dark colors can make a space feel smaller and more closed off.

How to Create a Balanced Look Around Your Wall Vent?

Creating a balanced look around your wall vent is important for any design project. Before incorporating elements into the area, it’s helpful to determine which pieces would bring harmony to the environment.

Gathering up items like décor accents and frames with varying shapes, sizes, and patterns can lead you to many options that can be used to complement the vent fixture itself. 

Think about juxtaposing styles by using both contemporary and vintage pieces or blending different textures with items made from wood, glass, or metal. When pairing pieces together be sure to consider how they interact with each other as well as the shape of the vent itself.

With an eye for design and balance, you can create an interesting visual story around your wall vents that not only looks good but also expresses your style!

How to Give Your Wall Vent a Makeover Without Breaking the Bank? 

That Your Diy Wall Vent Makeover

If you’re looking to give your wall vent a dramatic makeover without breaking the bank, then look no further! One of the simplest, most economical ways to spruce up any room is to take the time and do some structurally friendly DIY projects such as a wall vent makeover.

With access to craft supplies like painter’s tape, stencils, fabric spray adhesive, and metallic paint, you could easily create an eye-catching design that will bring any plain wall vent from dreary to daring. 

If you’d rather keep it classic but still want a little something extra for that special touch, consider using left-over wallpaper remnants or decorative trim for an effortless update. Don’t forget– adding fresh new hardware can pull everything together for an upgraded look with minimal fuss too.

No matter what budget-friendly options you choose, rest assured that your DIY wall vent makeover will immediately impress family and friends alike!


If you have a wall vent that you are unsure of how to decorate around, don’t worry! You should carefully determine how to decorate around a wall vent. There are plenty of options and ways that you can make it work with your overall design. 

Hang artwork or shelves above the vent to draw the eye up. Or, use furniture to create an asymmetrical look that balances out the space. Get creative and have fun with it!

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