How to Decorate Car Freshies

Decorating your car freshies can be an enjoyable and creative way to express yourself, show off a favorite hobby or interest, or just make the inside of your vehicle that much more inviting. Decorating with car freshies doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is some fabric scraps, a few supplies, and a bit of creativity.

How to Decorate Car Freshies

Decorating car freshies can be a great way to add some extra flair and personalization to your vehicle. Car freshies come in various shapes, sizes, and colors—allowing you to customize them exactly as you’d like. Decorating car freshies is also an easy task that doesn’t require any expensive equipment or special tools.

In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to decorate car freshies.

Materials You Will Need

  • Car Freshie
  • Ribbon felt or fabric for creating the shape of the design element
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Paint and paint brushes – choose colors that match your car freshie’s design elements
  • Markers, stickers, or other embellishments
  • Charms such as beads, buttons, stones, and charms
  • Glitter and sequins
  • Sewing pins or needles & thread
  • Embroidery floss or yarn
  • Scissors

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Decorate Car Freshies

Step 1: Inspect the Car Freshie

Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth

Carefully inspect the Car Freshie for any dirt, dust, or grime before starting. Wipe clean with a damp cloth if needed, and then let dry completely. Collect the items you will need to decorate your Car Freshies – this could be stickers, fabric paint, sequins, pom-poms, glitter, ribbon and more.

Step 2: Design and Decorate the Car Freshie

Designing and decorating your Car Freshies is the fun part! Get creative and let your imagination run wild. If you are using fabric paint, use a thin paintbrush and start painting around the edge of the Car Freshie first before filling in any details. If you use stickers, carefully peel off the backing paper and place the sticker on the Car Freshie.

You can also use a combination of materials to create patterns or images.

Step 3: Let the Car Freshies Dry

Once your design is complete, it’s time to let them dry. How long it takes will depend on what materials you have used. A good guide is to leave them for at least 2 hours before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Attach the Car Freshies to Your Vent

To attach your Car Freshies, you will need two small rubber bands that are about three inches in length. Slide one rubber band over the Car Freshie and place it at the top of your car vent. Then pull the other rubber band over the bottom of your car vent, and attach it to the first one. Make sure that they are tight and secure.

At the Top of Your Car Vent

Your Car Freshies should now be firmly attached.

Your Car Freshies are now ready to be enjoyed! The fragrant scent will fill your car and make it smell amazing. Now you can drive around with unique, stylish decorations in your car.

Tips for How to Decorate Car Freshies

  1. Protection for your eyes, skin, and lungs is important when working with chemicals or powders that are inside a Car Freshie. Make sure to wear goggles, gloves, and a mask to protect your body from any dangerous particles.
  2. Work in a room with an open window or door if possible. This will ensure that any toxic materials in the Car Freshie do not become airborne and affect your health.
  3. Food and liquid can easily come into contact with chemicals or powders inside a Car Freshie, so it’s important to keep these things away from where you are working.
  4. Be sure to use tools suited to the size and scope of your project. Using improper tools could lead to injury, so choose wisely and use them in a safe manner.
  5. Ensure that any spilled materials or fumes from the Car Freshie are cleaned up. This will protect you and others in the area.
  6. Rushing a task could lead to mistakes and potential accidents. Take your time and complete each step correctly before moving on to the next one.
  7. It is important to ensure that any materials you intend to use are of good quality and safe to work with. Testing them beforehand will help prevent accidents or harm from occurring.
  8. Make sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of your Car Freshie decorations. Not following directions could result in a less-than-satisfactory outcome or even danger. Taking your time to read and understand what is required will ensure the best outcome.

By following these eight tips, you can ensure that your Car Freshie decorating projects are completed in a safe and efficient manner.

How Can You Make Your Car Freshener Safe in the Car Environment? 

When it comes to decorating car fresheners, safety should always come first. As they will be in the small, enclosed space of a vehicle, certain precautions must be taken to ensure that your car freshener stays safe and intact.

Worried About the Objects Scratching

For starters, make sure not to use any item that could potentially damage the vehicle’s interior, such as a sharp object or something with an adhesive. If you’re worried about the objects scratching or damaging the car in any way, it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Additionally, be careful when applying paints or glues, as they could potentially damage the air freshener itself and be toxic if inhaled.

How Do You Store Your Car Freshener When It is Not in Use? 

When it comes to Decorate Car Freshies, the last step is storing them when they are not in use. Finding a safe and secure location for your car fresheners to be used anytime is important. To store your car freshener, you must consider the size of the car freshener as well as the environment in which it will be stored.

The most common location to store your car freshener is in the glove compartment of your car or beneath a seat. This way, it can be easily accessed when you need it and is likely to remain safe and secure for long periods of time. You should ensure that the storage location is free of any sharp objects that could damage or puncture the car freshener.

How Do You Avoid Any Potential Hazards That May Result From Decorating a Car Freshener? 

  • Ensure that the car freshener has been dried before decorating it. This will reduce any potential hazards from water or moisture entering and damaging the plastic material of the car freshener.
  • Make sure to use only non-toxic glue and paint for your decorations. Toxic glues may contain harmful fumes, which can be hazardous to your health.
  • When using glitter, make sure that it is made of non-metallic materials. Metallic glitter can corrode over time and leave residue in the car freshener that may not be safe for skin contact or inhalation.
  • Ensure all decorations are secured properly and will not loosen or tear from the car freshener. This will help to prevent any sharp edges, pieces of decorations, or other small objects from coming into contact with skin or eyes.
  • Avoid burning candles near car fresheners, as this can cause a fire hazard.
  • Always supervise children when decorating car freshies and make sure that any small objects or decorations used are kept out of reach.
  • Make sure to store car fresheners safely, away from children and pets. Decorated car fresheners can contain sharp edges or components which could be dangerous if handled carelessly.

Following these guidelines will help ensure your and your family’s safety while decorating car freshies.

How Often Should You Replace a Car Freshener? 

Car fresheners are a great way to keep your car smelling nice and fresh, but how often should you replace them? Generally, it is recommended that car fresheners be replaced every month or two. How long they last depend on your chosen product type and its use. For instance, if you have a plug-in air freshener, it may last longer than a spray bottle of car freshener.

Spray Bottle of Car Freshener

When it comes to how often you should replace your car freshener, the answer really depends on personal preference. If you like a strong scent in your car and want to keep it fresh all the time, then you may need to replace it more often.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind a lighter scent and want to keep your car fresh for longer, you may not need to replace your freshener as often.


In conclusion, decorating car air fresheners can be a fun and creative way to add some personality and flair to your vehicle.

It is easy to do with the right materials, creativity, imagination, and just a few steps. All you need are blank car freshies, scissors or an X-ACTO knife, and any desired decorations such as ribbons and bows, glitter, paints, markers, felt fabric, or other craft supplies.

You can even personalize them with initials or quotes. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to decorate car freshies. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically.

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