How to Decorate Flower Pots with Fabric

Imagine transforming a plain flower pot into a vibrant canvas of color and pattern. Learning how to decorate flower pots with fabric is not only an affordable way to add a personal touch to your gardening, but it also offers endless upcycling possibilities and the joy of creating something unique.

How to Decorate Flower Pots with Fabric

Whether you’re brightening up a corner of your home or giving life to your outdoor space, these fabric-decorated pots bring a one-of-a-kind charm to any setting. In this article, we unveil a variety of decorative approaches, ranging from simple gluing techniques to intricate embroidery, to inspire your next gardening project.

Finding Your Style: Choosing a Fabric and Theme

Matching the Occasion:

Select fabrics and themes that resonate with specific occasions—bright and joyous patterns for birthdays, spooky Halloween motifs, or elegant wedding decor textures. Celebratory days offer an opportunity to showcase themed flower pots that serve as conversation pieces amidst the festivities.

Reflecting Your Personality:

Express individuality by selecting fabrics that speak to your personal aesthetic. Choose vibrant geometrics to suggest energy and playfulness, soothing pastels and florals for a sense of calm, or sleek, minimalist designs that reflect a modern and uncluttered attitude.

Selecting Fabrics That Speak

Coordinating with Your Plants:

Create a harmonious plant display by picking fabrics that enhance the hues and textures of your greenery. Consider warm-toned fabrics for cacti and succulents or cool-toned fabrics for leafy ferns and tropical plants, creating a seamless visual flow.

Upcycling Treasures:

Embrace the sustainability of upcycling by reinventing vintage scarves, retired tablecloths, or fabric remnants. These materials not only provide a nostalgic charm but also contribute to a unique and environmentally conscious crafting experience.

Exploring Different Materials:

Broaden the textural landscape of your pots by experimenting with materials like soft felt, rustic burlap, or delicate lace. Each fabric choice can add an unexpected and tactile dimension to your potted plant displays.

Preparing Your Canvas: Selecting and Preparing Pots

  • Choosing the Right Pots: Select pots like terracotta, plastic, or ceramic with consideration to durability and the aesthetic you desire. Terracotta offers a traditional, porous base, which is excellent for breathability; plastic is lightweight and cost-effective, and ceramic provides a sleek finish.
  • Cleaning and Drying: Prior to decoration, cleaning the pot thoroughly with soap and water is imperative to remove any debris that could impair adhesion and ensure it’s completely dry to avoid trapping moisture.
  • Sealing Terracotta Pots (Optional): For terracotta pots, consider applying a sealant to the inside and outside surfaces to prevent water stains and protect the fabric, extending the life and vibrancy of your design.
Embrace the Sustainability Of Upcycling

How to Decorate Flower Pots with Fabric – Transforming Pots into Colorful Canvases

Embarking on the journey of decorating your own fabric-covered flower pots opens up a world of creative possibilities. Here, we explore a variety of techniques that cater to both the novice and seasoned crafter alike.

1. Mod Podge Magic:

The classic craft adhesive, Mod Podge, is a must-have in your decorating toolkit. Use it to adhere fabric cutouts or strips onto your pot, applying a layer underneath the fabric and a coat over the top to seal it. This method is excellent for achieving a sleek, smooth look and works well with both large and small designs.

2. Fabric Gluing:

If you’re looking for a straightforward approach, fabric glue is your ally. Ideal for adding smaller decorations or intricate details where precision is key, fabric glue offers a strong bond without the need for sewing.

3. Sewing Savvy:

Incorporating sewing, whether by hand or machine, allows for creating custom fabric pockets or covers that fit snugly around your pots. This technique adds durability to your design and provides endless opportunities for personalization through pattern and stitch choices.

4. No-Sew Fun:

Those who prefer to avoid sewing can utilize no-sew alternatives such as fabric tape or fusible web. These materials can join fabric ends or create simple decorations, perfect for quick fixes or crafting sessions with kids.

5. Stencil Play:

Stencils can be your go-to method to achieve precision and uniformity in your patterns. By using fabric paint over stencils, you can add beautiful and consistent designs to your fabric before applying it to the pot.

Dig Deeper Into The Crafting Community

6. Embroidered Elegance:

For a more intricate and artisanal flair, try your hand at embroidery. Adding hand or machine-embroidered designs can elevate the sophistication of your fabric pots. Each stitch contributes to creating a story and adding a touch of personalization.

7. Layered Delight:

Embrace complexity with layered techniques. Start with a base layer of fabric, add aspects of various methods – scraps with Mod Podge, bits of painted design, maybe a few sewn elements – and watch as a multi-dimensional, textural masterpiece comes to life.

Finishing Touches: Sealing and Embellishments

With your pots marvelously dressed in textile splendor, offering them protection will ensure their longevity. Let’s discuss how to preserve the beauty of your creations:

Sealing the Deal:

After adorning your pots, shielding your artwork from the elements is crucial. A spray-on fabric protector will serve as an invisible armor against sun-fading and water damage. This is particularly important for pots destined for outdoor life, as it prevents your vibrant fabrics from turning into faded memories.

Plan Your Design to Ensure That Water Can Freely Escape

Embellishment Bliss:

Now, elevate your pots from simply fabric-covered to fabulously fetching by incorporating three-dimensional embellishments. Beads, buttons, and ribbons can add a hint of sparkle or a dash of elegance, while faux flowers can echo the real blossoms they cradle. Take care to attach these additions securely, using appropriate adhesives or a deft hand with a needle and thread.

Personalized Touches:

Infuse your pots with personal significance by stamping them with names, initials, or even quotes that resonate with you or the recipient. Such personal touches can transform a simple pot into a treasured keepsake, celebrating the marriage of aesthetic appeal and sentimental value.

Drainage Considerations:

As you bedeck your pots, remember to preserve their functionality. Fabric and decorations should not obstruct the critical drainage holes that keep plants healthy. Plan your design to ensure that water can freely escape, safeguarding your green companions from the pitfalls of overwatering.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to decorate flower pots with fabric, creating unique and eye-catching pieces that will impress any viewer. So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and start transforming those plain pots into colorful canvases!  Volunteer at a local garden center or florist and share your newly discovered skills with others.

Safety First: Important Precautions

Creating with care is essential not only for the sake of aesthetics but also for safety and sustainability. Below are a few precautions to consider:

Protection Will Ensure Their Longevity
  • Using Non-Toxic Materials: Always opt for adhesives, paints, and sealants that are non-toxic and environmentally gentle to safeguard the well-being of your plants and preserve nature’s balance.
  • Secure Embellishments: Firmly affix any decorations to your pots to prevent them from becoming potential choking hazards to curious pets or local wildlife.
  • Proper Ventilation: When utilizing glues or aerosol paints, ensure you work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhalation of fumes.
  • Avoiding Harsh Chemicals: Select eco-friendly options for cleaning and sealing products, an especially important consideration for pots that will reside indoors, where air quality is paramount.

A World of Inspiration: Design Ideas and Resources

Now that you’re equipped with the know-how for creating fabric-covered flower pots, the next step is to draw inspiration for your designs. Let’s dive into the treasure trove of resources that can spark your creativity:

Online Galleries:

View the virtual world and browse platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, where a wealth of trending fabric-decorated flower pot designs await. With endless images, these galleries are perfect for harvesting ideas that resonate with your style.

Craft Blogs and Websites:

Dig deeper into the crafting community by exploring blogs and websites dedicated to the art of DIY. Here, you’ll uncover unique techniques, patterns, and theme ideas that can add a distinguished touch to your project.

Share the Beauty of Your Handcrafted Fabric Pots

Upcycling Inspiration:

Embrace sustainability by seeking out ways to repurpose vintage fabrics, old tablecloths, or clothing scraps. These materials not only bring a unique narrative to your pots but also contribute to an eco-friendly crafting approach.

Nature’s Palette:

Look no further than your backyard or a stroll through the park to be inspired by the quintessential designer—Mother Nature. Imitate the hues and textures found in flowers, leaves, and landscapes to create pots that reflect the beauty of the natural world.

Seasonal Delights:

Mark the changing of seasons or celebrate holidays with fabric-pot designs that capture the essence of occasions like Christmas, Spring, or Halloween. These timely creations can serve as festive decor or thoughtful, seasonal gifts for friends and family.

Tools and Resources for Your Project

You’ll need to gather a collection of tools and resources to transform your creative vision into tangible fabric-covered flower pots. Here are some handy places to get everything you need for your project:

Craft Stores:

Local craft stores are a treasure trove of supplies, offering a vast selection of fabrics, glues, Mod Podge, stencils, brushes, and a plethora of embellishments to add that finishing touch to your design.

Online Retailers:

Online retailers (think Amazon, Etsy, or specialized craft shops) are hubs for finding unique fabric prints, comprehensive crafting kits, and specialized tools such as fabric paints and markers that may not be available locally.

Local Thrift Stores:

For the environmentally conscious and budget-friendly shopper, local thrift stores can be goldmines of vintage fabrics, eclectic buttons, and unique embellishments that add a story to your creation.

Gardening Centers:

Pairing your artistry with horticulture, gardening centers provide essential complements like healthy plants, specialized soils, and the right drainage materials suited for your botanical beauties.

Online Tutorials and Videos:

Sites like YouTube or Craftsy offer a wealth of online tutorials and how-to videos tailored to your project needs, where you can learn specific techniques and obtain visual inspiration from seasoned crafters.

Use It to Adhere Fabric Cutouts

Sharing Your Blooming Beauty

Expanding beyond the creation process, it’s time to share the beauty of your handcrafted fabric pots with the world. Here’s how you can spread the joy and inspiration:

  • Photographing Your Masterpiece: Capture your decorated pot’s vibrant details and textures with a keen photographer’s eye. Take shots from various angles in natural light to showcase the true colors and intricate work that define your piece.
  • Social Media Buzz: Elevate your creation’s visibility by sharing images or stories on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Employ hashtags like `#fabricpots` and `#DIYgardening` to tap into like-minded communities and spark conversations.
  • Inspiring Others with Tutorials: By crafting blog posts or recording video tutorials, you provide a window into the artistry behind your designs, encouraging and enabling others to craft their own masterpieces.
  • Gifting with a Green Thumb: These custom, fabric-decorated pots make for thoughtful, personalized gifts that resonate with plant enthusiasts, symbolizing care and creativity.
  • Participating in Craft Fairs and Exhibitions: Showcase your talents and your craft’s vibrant personality by participating in local craft fairs or exhibitions, where hands-on interaction adds to the charm and allure of your work.

Beyond Fabric Exploring Other Decorative Techniques

In addition to fabric coverings, there is a vast array of decorative techniques to explore that can further personalize and beautify your flower pots. Here are some additional methods to consider:

Paint Power:

Unleash your inner artist with acrylic paints. These versatile paints adhere well to different surfaces and come in a myriad of vibrant colors. Hand-painted designs, patterns, or even personalized lettering can transform a plain pot into a custom work of art.

Mosaic Marvels:

For a touch of glittering texture, try your hand at creating mosaics. Whether with broken pieces of ceramic tiles or colorful glass, this technique can create a stunning, durable surface that reflects light and showcases fragmented beauty.

Decoupage Delight:

Decoupage is a superb way to add visual interest by layering paper products. With just some paper napkins, magazine clippings, copies of cherished photographs, and the appropriate sealant, you can cover your pots with a unique collage that tells a story or complements your decor.

Natural Touches:

Embrace the aesthetics of nature by adorning your pots with organic materials. Twigs, pebbles, moss, or dried flowers can provide an eco-friendly and textural contrast to the smoothness of traditional pot surfaces.

Combining Techniques:

Don’t hesitate to mix and match these methods for one-of-a-kind creations. Combining fabric with other techniques like painting, stenciling, or mosaics can result in multifaceted and intriguing designs that truly stand out.


Crafting fabric-decorated flower pots is more than just a hobby; it’s an affordable, sustainable, and deeply personal way to enrich your living space. By embracing the “how to decorate flower pots with fabric” approach, you open up endless possibilities to express yourself while being kind to the planet. The materials are easily accessible, often repurposed, and offer a canvas for your imagination.

We encourage you to experiment with various decorative techniques, draw inspiration from the lush tapestry of the natural world, and discover the styles that resonate with you. Celebrate the joy of creating beautiful, unique planters that are not just containers for your greenery but are a testament to your creativity.

They enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces, nourish the plants they cradle, and elevate your artistic spirit. Handmade creations have a lasting impact—they’re like shared stories, growing with each new admirer, continuing a legacy of handmade beauty, and sharing connections with nature and community.

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