How to Decorate King Bed with Pillows

Decorating your bedroom is one of the best parts of making your house a home. Everything comes together, from the furniture to the wall hangings, to create a space you can call your own.

How to Decorate King Bed with Pillows

One of the key components of bedroom design is choosing and arranging the right pillows for your bed. Here’s how to decorate king bed with pillows. So keep reading to learn more!

Can You Decorate King Bed with Pillows?

Decorating a king bed with beautiful, plush pillows is a great way to take your room from utilitarian to stylish. In addition, you can create a majestic and eye-catching look by choosing larger-scale pillows to make an impact.

A back cushion should be placed against the headboard as the anchor piece, while several smaller accent pillows have more versatility due to their ability to rearrange different positions.

Additionally, they provide visual interest and help break up the expanse of fabric that blankets your bed. Add some shams or pillowcases that complement your bedding, and you’ll instantly create an inviting atmosphere for yourself and your visitors.

Why Should You Decorate King Bed with Pillows?

Decorating a king bed with pillows is an easy and affordable way to bring warmth and personality to any bedroom. The right pillow arrangement can provide both decorative flair and extra comfort, depending on your desired look. In addition, pillows can easily be moved around to create different looks or styles, making it simple to switch up your decor whenever you want.

They also make great additions to any monochromatic color scheme, adding texture and depth while brightening up dull spaces. As long as you’re not afraid of making bold statements, decorating a king bed with pillows is the perfect way to make any bedroom feel stylish and inviting!

7 Steps to Follow on How to Decorate King Bed with Pillows

Step 1: Achieving Balance is Key

When it comes to decorating any bed, especially a king-sized one, balance is key. You want to avoid overcrowding as much as possible while still creating an eye-catching design.

Start by choosing two large pillows for the back and two smaller ones for the front. This will give your bed an attractive symmetry without making it look too cluttered or crowded.

Step 2: Create Contrast

Once you’ve decided which larger and smaller pillows you’d like to use, it’s time to consider contrast. Choose colors that complement each other but aren’t necessarily matching; think about how red looks against green or how black appears alongside navy blue.

Contrasting colors add visual interest and texture to your design without going overboard on color or pattern.

Step 3: Add Texture

Textured Fabrics Over Neutral-colored

Textured fabrics such as velvet and fur can elevate your bedding without removing the overall design aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Layer these textured fabrics over neutral-colored linens to create depth and dimension in your design scheme without overpowering it with too many colors or patterns.

Step 4: Incorporate Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns is a great way to create visual interest when decorating your king bed. Choose one pattern that stands out, such as a floral print or chevron design, and mix it with more subtle prints, such as solids or stripes. Carefully pair colors and textures so that the overall look is cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Step 5: Try an Accent Pillow

Accent pillows allow you to inject color, texture, and pattern without making your bedding look too cluttered or busy. Choose one accent pillow that stands out from the rest; this could be a bright-colored velvet pillow or a patterned throw pillow. Place it at the center of your bed for maximum impact.

Accent Pillows Allow You to Inject Color

Step 6: Consider Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are an excellent way to add warmth and texture to any king-sized bed. First, choose one large blanket in a solid color, such as navy blue or grey, that complements your other pillows and bedding. Then, place the blanket at the foot of your bed to tie in all the colors and textures in your design scheme.

Step 7: Don’t Forget Accessories

Last but not least, accessorizing is a great way to finish off any decorating scheme. Hang art on the walls or place a few decorative items on a nightstand to complete the look. This will bring everything together and give your bedroom a polished feel.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to decorate king bed with pillows. With these seven simple steps, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching design that’s sure to impress. Now all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your beautiful bedroom!

Things You Need to Know Before Decorating King Bed with Pillows

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating a king bed with pillows is using too few. King beds are typically the widest mattress size and require more pillows than smaller sizes to enhance their look and functionality.

Pillowcases should be chosen carefully as they must fit comfortably on the large pillows without being excessive, as this will become difficult to manage. Rather than simply let them pile up on each other, create an organized structure by varying their sizes and shapes while focusing on similar color palettes.

To complete the look, throw blankets and duvets should be added strategically, focusing less on fluffiness and more on providing comfort and visual balance. These simple tips make decorating a king bed with pillows a fun and successful project!

Throw Blankets and Duvets Should Be Added

Benefits of Decorating King Bed with Pillows

Adding pillows to a king bed can provide many advantages to one’s sleep and comfort experience. Pillows give your body support and make it easier to find an ideal sleeping position that is both relaxed and comfortable.

Moreover, they can be a barrier between you and any hard spots on the mattress surface.

Decorating with just the right number of pillows can also have an aesthetically pleasing effect in the bedroom, so you can enjoy a great vision without overwhelming the space.

Finally, if allergies are a concern, then carefully choosing hypoallergenic pillows provides an excellent option for remaining healthy throughout the night.

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Decorating King Bed with Pillows

1. Overstuffing the Pillows.

The first mistake is overstuffing the pillows. You want to ensure that you don’t put too many pillows on the bed because it will make it look cluttered and messy. Stick to two or three pillows for a king bed.

2. Not Using Different Pillow Sizes.

Another mistake people make is not using different pillow sizes. You want to have a mix of large and small pillows on the bed for a more balanced look.

3. Not Using a Pillow Sham.

A pillow sham is an important part of decorating a king bed with pillows because it adds an extra layer of texture and color. Make sure to use a pillow sham that coordinates with the rest of the bedding.

4. Not Fluffing the Pillows.

Pillows can lose their shape over time, so it’s important to fluff them up every once in a while. This will help them keep their shape and prevent them from looking lumpy.

5. Not Using a Pillow Protector.

A pillow protector is a must if you want your pillows to last longer. It will protect them from dust, dirt, and stains.

6. Not Changing the Pillows Seasonally.

Another mistake people make is not changing the pillows seasonally. Pillows can get worn out after a few months, so it’s important to switch them out every few months to keep them looking fresh.

Do Colors or Patterns Affect how I Decorate with Pillows on My King Size Bed?

When decorating with pillows on a king-size bed, colors, and patterns can both have a significant impact. Whether it be classic neutrals for a minimalist design or bursts of vibrant shades for maximum drama, the hues you choose to adorn your bed linens will set the bedroom’s tone.

For a unique approach, incorporating patterns such as florals, checks, stripes, and more are great ways to achieve an eye-catching look that turns your sleeping space into an original piece of artwork.

No matter what aesthetic you’re going for in your abode, explore the interior designer within yourself by utilizing colors and patterns to add a personalized character.

How Many Pillows Should Be Used to Decorate a King Bed?

Decorating a King bed with pillows can be an exciting way to experiment with different styles and create a decorative look. For a luxurious look, consider starting with four average-sized throw pillows for the bed.

Four Average-sized Throw Pillows

These pillows will act as your central foundation for the decorative feel and should have subtle coordinating patterns or colors.

Then, you can choose two accent pillows that draw attention to the bed, such as velvet, sequin, or embroidered cushions.

Finally, top off the look with two large bolster pillows to provide some additional comfort and visual balance with the rest of the decor. With these essential pillow elements in place, your King bed will be masterfully dressed in style.


The key to decorating a king-sized bed with pillows is finding a balance between size, colors, and textures to create a visually pleasing aesthetic that also feels cozy and inviting.

If done correctly, this combination of elements can turn an ordinary bedroom into a stunning oasis where you can relax after a long day or entertain friends in style!

With these tips, you should have no problem creating a luxurious yet comfortable environment that makes you feel at home! Thanks for reading our post about how to decorate king bed with pillows.

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