How to Decorate Mortar Board

Graduation is a milestone that marks both an end and a beginning; it’s a time of reflection, accomplishment, and celebration. Decorating your mortarboard creatively expresses your individuality, shares your academic journey, and ensures your achievements stand out on this special day.

How to Decorate Mortar Board

In this definitive guide on how to decorate mortar board, we will explore various methods to personalize your cap, from initial design ideas to the finishing touches. We will provide you with inspiration, step-by-step techniques, and practical tips to make your mortarboard a memorable emblem of your graduation day.

Brainstorming Bonanza: Finding Inspiration for Your Design

A. Reflecting on Your Journey

Your mortarboard can serve as a canvas to illustrate your individual academic and extracurricular journey. Whether it’s your major’s symbol, a representation of your thesis, or icons denoting clubs and societies you’ve been a part of, these elements celebrate the chapters of your college story.

B. Showcasing Your Personality

Personalize your graduation cap to reflect the essence of who you are. Use witty puns, favorite quotes, or symbolic images of your hobbies. If inside jokes have punctuated your time at school, subtly weave these into your design as a nod to those shared memories.

C. Celebrating Your Future

Use this opportunity to nod towards the horizon. Incorporate symbols of your career aspirations, a miniature version of your dream city’s skyline, or icons representing ambitions you’re striving toward. It’s about where you’ve been and where you’re going.

D. Embracing School Spirit

Pay homage to your alma mater by featuring its proud colors, beloved mascot, or a significant landmark from your campus. This adds a communal touch to your individual display, connecting you with fellow graduates.

E. Collaborative Creations

Get together with your circle of friends and design mortarboards that, when put together, form a larger image or narrative. It’s a creative way of signifying unity and camaraderie as you embark on new post-graduation paths.

Choosing Your Canvas: Selecting the Right Materials

Embarking on your mortarboard decoration journey begins with choosing the right materials that will serve as your canvas. The decision you make here sets the stage for everything that follows, ensuring a beautiful outcome and adherence to your graduation ceremony’s guidelines.

Pay Homage to Your Alma Mater

A. Classic Cardboard

The traditional go-to for mortarboard customization, classic cardboard is readily available and easy to cut, shape, and decorate. It serves as a tried-and-true foundation that can support a variety of decorative elements.

B. Sturdy Foam Board

If you’re planning a more elaborate creation, a sturdy foam board is an excellent alternative. Its lightweight yet firm structure makes it an ideal base for heavier or three-dimensional adornments.

C. Fabric Flair

For those who want to incorporate a touch of sophistication and texture, adding a fabric cover to your mortarboard can achieve a unique and elegant look. Choose from satin, cotton, or any other fabric that complements your design.

D. Sustainable Choices

As environmental awareness grows, so does the trend of using recycled materials. Reclaimed wood, upcycled cardboard boxes, or any other repurposed materials inject originality and make a positive statement.

E. Considering Regulations

Before getting too deep into your design process, make sure to check your school’s guidelines for any restrictions on size, height, and allowed materials to ensure that your hard work is displayed proudly and without issue during the ceremony.

How to Decorate Mortar Board: Unleashing Your Creativity

Embarking on the decoration of your mortarboard is an art project that allows you to unleash your creativity. Here are some techniques that can help you create a masterpiece that stands out during your graduation ceremony.

A. Paint Power

Dive into the world of color with a selection of acrylics, fabric paints, or spray paint to bring your vision to life. These mediums are perfect for covering large areas with solid colors, gradients, or even a splashy abstract look. Remember, acrylics are permanent, so paint with confidence and a little planning.

B. Marker Magic

Fine-tipped markers can be your ally, especially in intricate designs. Their precision allows for detailed lettering or delicate illustrations, perfect for adding quotes or fine details to your mini canvas.

C. Sticker Spectacular

Stickers are a fast and straightforward way to personalize your mortarboard. Whether you opt for pre-made designs or custom-make your own, these sticky adornments can add character and complexity to your creation without needing artistic prowess.

D. Dimensional Delights

Bring a dynamic flair to your mortarboard with three-dimensional elements such as buttons, ribbons, glitter, or small figurines. These textural touches can enhance the overall design and are perfect for emphasizing specific areas of your cap.

E. Fabric Fantasies

Turn to fabric appliqués, tassels, or pom-pom decorations for a tactile finish. Whether you’re sewing or using fabric glue, these materials can add elegance or playful charm, providing a fabric fantasy atop your graduate cap.

F. Tech Savvy

For those looking for a modern twist, temporary tattoos can be a quick and unique way to transfer intricate designs onto your mortarboard. Similarly, vinyl decals can provide sleek, professional-looking graphics that can be easily customized in size and color to fit your theme.

Keeping it Classy: Tips for a Polished Look

A. Balance and Harmony

A cohesive design is pivotal for a polished look. Select a consistent color scheme and style that reflects your theme without clashing elements. Coordinating colors and symmetrical arrangements can contribute significantly to the visual balance of your mortarboard.

Highlight Your Passions

B. Less is More

Adding every ornament that holds significance to you is tempting, but a cluttered mortarboard can appear chaotic. Strive for simplicity. A clean and clear design will stand out, ensuring your message remains legible and the focal point takes center stage.

C. Secure and Sturdy

Nothing dampens graduation day like losing pieces of your carefully crafted cap. Use strong adhesives to affix any decorations, and make sure three-dimensional embellishments are anchored well so they remain secure throughout the ceremony.

D. Neatness Counts

Sharp, clean lines convey a meticulous and refined appearance. When painting or gluing, take the time to create smooth edges and avoid smudges. Any added text should be legible with uniform lettering to maintain a professional look.

E. Test Before You Commit

Before you commit to your final design, rehearse on paper or a mock mortarboard. This will allow you to experiment with layout and placement, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments without the pressure of perfection on your actual cap.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to decorate mortar board like a pro. With these tips and techniques, your mortarboard will be transformed into a personalized masterpiece that reflects your individuality and achievements. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process – after all, it’s not just about the end result but also the journey that led you there.

Inspiration Station: Fueling Your Creativity

Embarking on a creative project for your graduation cap decoration can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are a fervent artist or new to the DIY scene, gathering inspiration is an essential stepping stone toward a design that resonates with your academic journey. Here are a few avenues to explore for that much-needed creative spark:

A. Online Galleries

Browsing social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be instrumental in finding trending ideas for your cap. These sites are treasure troves of images showcasing creativity from around the world and often feature hashtag collections such as #GradCapIdeas or #MortarboardDesigns that can ignite your imagination.

B. Creative Blogs and Websites

The internet is full of creative blogs and websites offering detailed tutorials and DIY inspiration. Blogs dedicated to crafting and personal expression often have a section for graduation cap designs, providing step-by-step guides and handy tips for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

C. School Spirit Inspiration

School spirit can be a rich source of inspiration. Check out your official graduation website, look at decorations from previous commencement ceremonies, or leaf through past yearbooks to uncover school-specific themes that could inform your design and connect you even more with the spirit of your institution.

D. Personalize with Photos

Clean Lines Convey a Meticulous

Incorporating elements from your university life, such as graduation photos, memorable group pictures, or individual achievements, can add a personal touch to your mortarboard. Adding visual snippets of your journey through college serves as a powerful reminder of the milestones you have achieved.

E. Let Quotes Do the Talking

Using inspirational quotes, impactful song lyrics, or meaningful mottos can imbue your cap with a message that resonates. Not only do they capture the essence of your experience, but they can also inspire and uplift fellow graduates as you move together towards a new beginning.

Safety First: Graduation Celebration without Mishaps

Celebrating graduation is a joyous occasion, but it’s important to prioritize safety amid the festivities. Keeping a few key safety tips in mind can ensure that your mortarboard decoration doesn’t lead to unintended mishaps.

A. Avoiding Fire Hazards

Opt for flame-resistant fabrics and decorative elements when selecting materials for your cap. Be mindful of the placement of glitter and other flammable materials, especially near the tassel, which can easily catch stray sparks from nearby celebrations.

B. Secure Attachments

Double-check that all pieces are securely affixed to your mortarboard. Use strong, reliable adhesives for heavier items and consider reinforcing them from beneath the board to prevent any decorative losses or accidents during the event.

C. Size and Weight Restrictions

Adhere to your institution’s guidelines for size and weight restrictions to maintain comfort and avoid obstructing views. Overly large or heavy decorations can cause discomfort and may not be permitted at the ceremony.

D. Weatherproofing for Outdoor Ceremonies

If your commencement is outdoors, weatherproof your decorations. Use materials that won’t bleed colors in the rain or wilt under the sun to keep your cap looking fresh and vibrant, come rain or shine.

E. Respectful Design

A Cohesive Design is Pivotal

Ensure that your design maintains the dignity of the occasion. Steer clear of offensive humor, symbols, or imagery, as graduation is a celebration that represents the values and integrity of your institution and your personal achievements.

Beyond the Board: Embracing Creativity in Other Graduation Décor

While the mortarboard is a central piece of the graduation wardrobe, extending your creative flair to other celebration elements can create a cohesive and memorable experience. Here’s how to carry your personal style into other graduation decorations:

A. Matching Diploma Cover

Consider extending your design to the diploma cover, which often remains a keepsake long after the ceremony. Simple accents that echo the mortarboard’s theme can elevate it to a customized and cherished souvenir of your academic achievements.

B. Festive Favors

Personalized graduation favors are a delightful way to thank your guests and make the celebration memorable. Small tokens, such as customized coasters, keychains, or bookmarks, can serve as enduring reminders of your milestone.

C. Tabletop Touches

Carry your graduation theme to the celebration tables with creative centerpieces, themed place cards, or table settings. These touches enhance the décor and make for great conversation starters among guests.

D. Graduation Announcement Flair

Graduation announcements provide an opportunity to prelude your event’s theme. Add a teaser of your cap design or incorporate similar decorative elements into the announcements for a personalized touch.

E. Celebrating Beyond Graduation

Fine-tipped Markers Can Be Your Ally

Your graduation design can transcend the day itself. Consider adopting elements of your cap design for future milestones such as job promotions or further degrees, creating a continuum that celebrates ongoing achievements.

5 Benefits of Decorating Your Mortar Board

Graduation is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated with flair. As you prepare to don your cap and gown, you might be considering how to make this special day truly your own. One increasingly popular tradition among graduates is the art of decorating the mortar board—more than just a cap; it is a canvas of creativity and individuality. Here are five compelling reasons to pick up those glitter pens and put your personal stamp on your mortarboard.

1. Express Your Personality

Art Project That Allows You to Unleash

Embrace Your Originality

Your mortar board can be an extension of who you are, a way to express your individuality. Highlight your passions, be it through favorite quotes, symbols of your hobbies, or nods to your cultural heritage. Whether you’re a bookworm who wants to add a literary touch or a cinephile with a penchant for movie quotes, your mortarboard can tell the story of you.

Self-Reflect and Celebrate

This is your moment and your design space. Use it to reflect on your journey and the lessons you’ve learned. Maybe you’ve overcome obstacles that have shaped you or are celebrating a significant personal victory. Acknowledge these moments with a design that resonates with your authentic self.

2. Stand Out in the Crowd

Instant Recognition

A decorated mortar board can help friends, family, and photographers spot you instantly in the sea of graduates. When your loved ones look back on your graduation photos, the one with the unique cap design will immediately draw their eye. Your distinctive mortar board ensures you’re not just another face in the crowd but a graduate with a presence that’s impossible to miss.

Celebrate Differently

Subtle variations in academic regalia can get lost in the day’s grandeur. A decorated mortar board is a loud and clear proclamation of your achievement and your entrance into the next chapter of life. Let it speak volumes and make your graduation a truly celebrated event.

3. Capture Memories

Personal Mementos

A decorated mortar board is a memorabilia within itself. It encapsulates the day and the moments leading up to it. The time spent crafting your design can be a reflective, meditative experience, almost like a ritual preparing you for the transition to post-university life.

Photogenic Standpoint

This decorated square in fabric and cardboard will feature in many of the photographs that have become cherished over the years. It’s a piece of you that becomes part of the context for your graduation memories. As time goes by, looking back at your cap will bring back the sights and sounds of that pivotal day in your life.

4. Spark Conversations

As Environmental Awareness Grows


A unique mortar board design is an instant conversation starter. It can lead to interactions with your peers, professors, and guests that might not otherwise have happened. It breaks down barriers and connects you to those who share similar interests or who are drawn to your design out of admiration or curiosity.

New Bonds

This simple act of sharing a part of yourself can lead to forming both new friendships and professional connections. You never know who might find your cap interesting and where a conversation struck by mutual appreciation might take you.

5. Show Appreciation

A Thank-You Card In Cap Form

You often walk across the stage not just for yourself but also for the people who’ve supported and cheered you on. Your mortar board can double as a canvas for thanks, honoring parents, professors, and friends. It’s a visible, heartfelt way to show gratitude to those who have helped you reach this point.

Advocacy Through Design

In a society that increasingly values and encourages activism, a mortar board can be a subtle yet effective platform for causes that you hold dear. If environmentalism, mental health awareness, or any other issue is close to your heart, use this opportunity to be an advocate and spread awareness.

Decorating your mortarboard isn’t about standing out for the sake of vanity; it’s about coming full circle, bringing your journey to a close, and marking the beginning of the next adventure. It’s a memory, an icebreaker, a chance to represent yourself or support a cause, or even just a mindful moment in an otherwise hectic ceremony.

So, gather your crafting supplies, let your creativity run wild, and make that mortar board your personal masterpiece. It’s a symbolic start to the lesson that life is what you make it, and often, it starts with how you choose to decorate your cap.

Embarking on Your Mortarboard Decoration

Conclusion: Your Creative Celebration Awaits

Your journey through academia is unique, and learning how to decorate mortar board allows you to cap off this chapter with a flourish. It is a stylish accessory and a canvas to display your individuality and the essence of your college experience. Embrace this opportunity to showcase your unique style, reflecting on your past achievements while looking forward to the promising future.

As you move your tassel to the side, remember that this act symbolizes your invested hard work and exciting possibilities. Permit yourself to celebrate in a way that’s as distinctive and dynamic as your own story. In the spirit of creativity, share this significant moment with your loved ones, magnifying the joy and forming a tapestry of memories that will be cherished for years.

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