How to Decorate the Top of a China Cabinet

Do you have a china cabinet that needs to be spruced up? It can often seem difficult to decorate the top of them because they’re usually quite wide and flat. But you don’t need to worry! With this guide, we’ll help bring some new life into your china cabinet and show you how easy it is to create beautiful, eye-catching displays on its surface.

How to Decorate the Top of a China Cabinet

Whether it’s modern minimalism or old-world charm that catches your eye, there are plenty of ways for you to mix and match different items from around the home, which can transform any ordinary space into something extraordinary.

Let’s dive in and explore how to decorate the top of a china cabinet to display all sorts of unique items atop that special piece of furniture.

What Can I Do with the Top of My China Cabinet?

The top of a china cabinet is prime real estate when it comes to decorating. Not only does it offer ample space for arrangement, but it also serves an important purpose in bringing the whole look and feel of your room together. You can choose from a variety of options to make the top of your china cabinet stand out and showcase your personality.

A great way to start is by adding a centerpiece, such as an ornate vase or sculpture. This will draw attention to the top of your china cabinet, creating a focal point for the room. Decorative objects like ceramic birds and porcelain figurines can also be used to add interest and texture.

Consider adding a contrast of color with a colorful piece to create an eye-catching effect.

Flowers are another popular choice for the top of a china cabinet. Place them in glass containers or vases and arrange them in an interesting way to add life and beauty to the space. For an elegant touch, floral arrangements can be placed on top of books or other decorative objects.

Mirrors can also be used on the top of your china cabinet as both functional and decorative pieces. They will not only reflect light for brighter illumination, but they can also enhance the look and feel of the room by adding height and depth. If you prefer something more unique, try hanging wall art above your cabinet instead.

Try Hanging Wall Art Above Your Cabinet

This could include anything from a painting to a family photograph. No matter what you choose, the top of your china cabinet should be used to bring together the look and feel of your entire room. With so many possibilities for styling, you are sure to find something that will make it stand out for years to come. Get creative and have fun with it!

10 Methods How to Decorate the Top of a China Cabinet

1. Add a Statement Piece:

One of the most effective ways to decorate the top of a china cabinet is with a single statement piece, such as a large vase or figurine. This can serve as a focal point for the overall design and also draw attention away from any imperfections in the surface of your china cabinet.

When choosing your statement piece, pick something that complements the style of your furniture and its location within the room. If your china cabinet is placed in the dining room, for example, you might choose an elegant vase filled with seasonal flowers. However, if it is placed in the living room, a more whimsical sculpture may be an appropriate choice.

2. Place Some Plants:

Adding greenery can be an easy way to bring life to your china cabinet. Placing one or two small potted plants on top adds stunning visual interest while also purifying the air around you. Make sure to pick plants that don’t require much sunlight since they’ll likely be placed away from direct sunlight when atop your china cabinet.

Placing One or Two Small Potted Plants

Popular choices for plants on top of china cabinets include succulents, ferns, and other low-maintenance varieties. For added intrigue, you can also opt for an air plant instead. Air plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, don’t require soil or water, and are easy to care for.

Alternatively, if you’d like something with a bit more color, try adding some blooming flowers instead. Mix and match different types of greenery to create a unique and eye-catching display. Whichever you choose, remember to keep the plants watered, and don’t forget to prune them often. This will ensure they stay healthy and vibrant!

3. Create an Interesting Texture with Books:

If you’re looking for a unique way to add dimension and texture to your china cabinet, consider arranging several books on top in an interesting pattern or stack them at different heights, depending on the size and shape of the books you have available.

In addition to being visually appealing, this can also offer you more storage space for items like cookbooks or magazines that you want easily accessible but tucked out of sight at the same time. If you decide to take this route, make sure to choose books with interesting covers or colors that will help them stand out against the backdrop of your cabinet.

4. Display Decorative Accessories:

Place various small decorative pieces across the top surface of your china cabinet for an elegant yet effortless look. For example, display crystal items such as candlesticks or vases in clusters along different areas of the top surface, so they catch light from all angles and give off a sparkly effect when viewed from afar.

Place Various Small Decorative Pieces

You could also arrange antique knick-knacks alongside these items for added interest. Pull out your favorite jewelry pieces, figurines, and other collections to spruce up the look of your china cabinet. Finally, create a small centerpiece by positioning a table clock and some framed photos in the center of the top surface.

This will add an extra personal touch to your china cabinet. However, if the top surface of your china cabinet is too crowded, simply choose a few items that you like and display them tastefully. Make sure to leave enough space between decorative pieces so that they can be appreciated and admired.

5. Group Sculptures Together:

Showcase collections of artwork or sculptures by grouping them together on top of your china cabinet – it’s an eye-catching way to show off what you love without having to commit wall space to it! Try mixing up textures here, too, using marble statues or wooden carvings against ceramic figures or religious icons – whatever best reflects your personal style!

Additionally, you can create a gallery wall on top of your cabinet by using different-sized frames to arrange paintings, prints, or photographs. This is an especially impactful way to make a statement if you don’t have much space to work with. Lastly, if your china cabinet has glass doors, don’t forget to take advantage of the space inside, too.

You can hang wall art or place sculptures and figurines on ledges for an interesting display. Layer items with varying heights for a dynamic look.

6. Add Framed Photographs:

An excellent way to make use of empty wall space above a china cabinet is by adding framed photographs! Choose pictures that are meaningful and special to you so that just seeing them brings joy every time you pass by – this is especially helpful if there isn’t room for other decorations on top of your furniture due to its size constraints!

Additionally, you can mix and match different frame styles to create a unique display. Consider using a variety of antique frames for an eclectic look, or opt for all matching frames for a more uniform feel. This is also an easy way to change the look of your cabinet, as you can switch out photos whenever you desire a new look.

Try to hang the photographs at different heights for an eye-catching effect. Enjoy your new display!

7. Hang Fabric Swatches:

If you have fabric swatches lying around from recent projects, why not hang them up? Layering fabrics creates depth in any room decorating scheme and will instantly spruce up otherwise bare walls above a china cabinet!

Designers often opt for contrasting colors and patterns when working with fabrics – try doing something similar with pastel-colored silks alongside bolder block prints for maximum impact!

You can even use upholstery tacks to hang them and make an easy do-it-yourself art installation. If you don’t have any fabrics on hand, you can easily find some at your local fabric store. Just make sure to pick out ones that are durable so they can withstand being hung and exposed to light.

8. Use Artificial Plants/Flowers:

If live plants aren’t quite up your alley, faux flowers are always another fun option – they provide great color without having to worry about upkeep!

Artfully arrange fake blooms into bouquets that look convincing enough that no one would guess they weren’t real – mix different types (like peonies next to roses) and tie them together with twine or ribbon for an extra touch of elegance!

Artfully Arrange Fake Blooms Top of China Cabinet

9. Place Trinket Boxes or Jewelry Stands:

Perfect if you’re looking for ways to store rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., trinket boxes come in all different shapes and sizes – so whether it’s modern glass receptacles or chic wood boxes, go wild experimenting here!

These can also be made into centerpieces themselves – nestle several trinket boxes of varying sizes and hues within a larger tray atop frame it off candles nearby, instant wow factor.

Jewelry stands are another great option to hold necklaces, and have an almost ethereal quality with their delicate design. Place a few of these on the top of your china cabinet for added sparkle.

10. Put Baskets/Bowls Filled with Items :

If organizing is the key goal, but you don’t necessarily want to put everything on display (or don’t have enough things fill the entire shelf), try putting baskets and bowls filled with all sorts of miscellaneous goodies like colorful candies potpourri – not only will this make easier access certain items but can also decoration itself bowl filled potpourri scented pinecones look pretty charming indeed!

Try Putting Baskets and Bowls

Things to Consider When Decorating the Top of China Cabinet

1. Choose a Theme or Color Scheme:

When decorating the top of your china cabinet, it’s important to consider the overall design theme or color scheme of your room. Think about how the decorations will fit in with the existing furniture and décor, and choose items that match or complement this style.

2. Balance the Display:

When selecting pieces to decorate the top of your china cabinet, make sure you create a balanced display. Choose a few larger items, such as vases or figurines, then add smaller accent pieces around them to create visual interest on the shelf. Be mindful of symmetry when arranging the pieces for a more polished look.

3. Make Use of Different Heights:

Adding height to your arrangement can help draw attention to it from across the room. Try placing taller items like candlesticks or sculptures in front while displaying shorter items like teacups and figurines behind them. Make sure you don’t overcrowd the shelf to avoid making it look cluttered.

4. Use Greenery:

Adding a few plants or flowers can help bring life to your china cabinet display and make it appear more inviting. Place a few small potted succulents, air plants, or other decorative foliage around your pieces for a splash of color and texture.

What Is the Decorative Trim on Top of Cabinets Called?

The decorative trim on top of cabinets is often referred to as a “crown molding”. Crown molding is typically made from either wood or PVC, and it can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. It adds an elegant touch to the cabinet and adds visual interest to the space.

When installing crown molding, make sure to take measurements beforehand to ensure you purchase the correct size for your cabinet. The trim should fit snugly and be screwed into place in order to stay secure. Additionally, using a caulking gun or wood putty can help create an airtight seal and make the finish look smoother.

Installing Crown Molding

When painting crown molding, it is important to use a primer first and then apply multiple coats of paint. This will help protect the molding and provide a more professional finish. With a few simple steps, crown molding can give any china cabinet an updated look!


Cabinets are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. With a little imagination, you can use them to create stylish displays that reflect your personal taste and style.

If you have any other questions about decorating the top of a china cabinet, or if you want to learn more about how to decorate the top of a china cabinet, be sure to check out our other blog posts. Thanks for reading!

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