How to Decorate With Magnolia Leaves

If you’re looking for a pop of natural beauty in your home, a magnolia leaf is a perfect way to add some simple yet stunning elegance. Not only are they easy to come by and inexpensive, but they also bring an air of sophistication and class that can easily brighten up any room.

How to Decorate With Magnolia Leaves

Whether used on their own or as part of a larger arrangement or bouquet, these gorgeous leaves have so much potential when decorating with them!

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing all the tips and tricks on how to decorate with magnolia leaves throughout your home to make sure that each space looks it’s very best. So put aside those generic decorations—it’s time for something special! We hope you’ll join us as we explore the possibilities found with this traditional Southern favorite.

What Will You Need?

When it comes to decorating with magnolia leaves, there are a few items you’ll need in order to get started:

  1. Magnolia leaves
  2. Vases or containers for the leaves
  3. Scissors
  4. Fabric glue or hot glue gun (optional)

Now that you have everything you need let’s dive into decorating with magnolia leaves!

10 Easy Steps on How to Decorate With Magnolia Leaves

One of the most popular ways to use magnolia leaves as decorations is by placing them in vases or other containers. This can be done either on its own or as part of an arrangement. When it comes to using a container, the possibilities are truly endless. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Select the Perfect Magnolia Leaves:

Choose leaves that are large and full, and free of any blemishes. Depending on how much of the leaf you want to show in the container, opt for leaves that are full and not yet wilted. You can also choose how many leaves you want to use in your arrangement.

2. Cut the Leaves:

Using scissors, carefully trim off any brown or wilted edges from the magnolia leaves and cut them into the desired size for your arrangement. If you’d like to use a glue gun or fabric glue, add it before cutting. Another option is to leave the leaves full-sized and tuck them into the vase.

Wilted Edges From the Magnolia Leaves

3. Select Your Container:

Choose a container that will complement the leaves and work with your decor. This could be anything from a traditional glass vase to an upcycled mason jar. Moreover, you can also opt for a decorative basket or ceramic bowl.

4. Place the Leaves in the Container:

Arrange the magnolia leaves in the container as you like. If desired, use a glue gun or fabric glue to adhere them to the sides of the container or underneath the rim. Be careful not to let the glue seep out and damage the leaves.

Arrange the Magnolia Leaves

5. Add Other Decorations:

Add other decorations for a more complete look, such as candles, potpourri, rocks, flowers, and even small shells. Group similar items together for a unified appearance and brightly colored accents for extra visual interest. It will also bring life to the room.

6. Place the Arrangement in Your Home:

Once your magnolia leaf decoration is complete, it’s time to place it in your home! Choose an area that needs a touch of beauty and elegance—such as an entryway table or mantelpiece—and set up your arrangement. Don’t forget to pay attention to how much light the arrangement will get and how it will look in the space.

7. Clean and Refresh the Leaves:

To preserve the magnolia leaves, make sure to clean them regularly with a soft cloth or vacuum. You can also spray them with a light water mist to keep them looking fresh and bright. Use caution when doing so, as too much water can cause the leaves to become discolored.

8. Make Additional Arrangements:

Magnolia leaves make great decorations for the holiday season, especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving! Create new arrangements each year by mixing and matching different containers, colors, and textures for a unique look every time. This is also great for adding a festive touch to your home.

Magnolia Leaves Make Great Decorations

9. Store the Leaves When Not in Use:

When you’re not using the magnolia leaves in your decorations, store them away safely, so they don’t get damaged. Place the leaves in a cool, dry place and wrap them in tissue paper to protect them from dust and moisture. Don’t forget to label the box with the date, so you know how long they’ve been stored.

10. Enjoy Your Magnolia Leaf Decoration:

Finally, sit back and enjoy the beauty of your magnolia leaf decoration! This simple yet elegant addition to your home will bring a sense of peace and natural beauty. Whether you use it for a special occasion or simply to add a touch of nature to your home, the magnolia leaf decoration will never go out of style.

By following these steps, you can create your own magnolia leaf decoration and enjoy the beauty it adds to your home. With the right care and attention, you can make sure it lasts for many years to come. So, get creative and enjoy the unique beauty that magnolia leaves have to offer!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

Create a Beautiful Centerpiece Using Magnolia Leaves
  1. To create a beautiful centerpiece, place magnolia leaves in a vase of water. Adding other flowers or greenery to the arrangement adds texture and color.
  2. Magnolia branches also make great wall art. Simply attach them to the wall using nails or screws and then hang any decorations you like from the branches.
  3. Place magnolia leaves on the floor as part of your entryway décor. Place an area rug under them, creating a stunning statement piece that will greet your guests as they arrive at your home.
  4. Magnolia leaves are very lightweight, so you can easily use them to decorate furniture pieces, such as chairs and tables, for an elegant touch in any room.
  5. To create a more whimsical look, try using magnolia leaves as part of a wreath. Add other materials to the wreath, such as ribbons, feathers, or dried flowers, and hang it near an entrance door for a beautiful welcome to your home.

Using magnolia leaves for decorations is an easy and creative way to add beauty to any space. With these tips, you can decorate with magnolia leaves in so many different ways! Enjoy how it brings life and character into your home.

5 Things You Should Avoid

Magnolia Leaves Will Fade in Direct Sunlight
  1. Don’t Hang Magnolia Leaves in Direct Sunlight: Magnolia leaves will fade in direct sunlight and may even become damaged. Instead, hang them in a shaded area or with indirect light to preserve their color and shape.
  2. Avoid Spraying Too Much Water on the Leaves: Too much water can cause the magnolia leaves to discolor, so make sure to use caution when misting them with water.
  3. Don’t Store Your Magnolia Leaves for Too Long: Make sure to label the box of them with the date, so you know how long they have been stored away. After six months or more, it’s best to discard them as they won’t be usable anymore due to dryness or decay.
  4. Don’t Forget to Check for Insects Before Using the Magnolia Leaves: Always inspect your magnolia leaves for any bugs or pests that may be present. If you do find any, it’s best to discard them immediately, so they don’t spread and cause damage to other plants.
  5. Avoid Placing Heavy Decorations on the Leaves: Magnolia leaves are delicate and can easily break under too much weight. To preserve their shape, use light-weight decorations instead or make sure to support them from underneath with a wire structure or other suitable material.
  6. By Avoiding These Mistakes, you can ensure that your magnolia leaf decoration will last a long time and look beautiful all season! So, enjoy how the magnolia leaves bring life and beauty to your home, and have fun decorating with them!

What Can I Do With Fresh Magnolia Leaves?

Besides using magnolia leaves for decorations, you can take advantage of a few other creative and practical uses.

  1. Magnolia Leaves Make Great Food Wraps: Simply wrap fish or veggies in a large magnolia leaf and place it on the grill for an added flavor to your meal.
  2. Create Beautiful Hand-crafted Cards With Fresh Magnolia Leaves: Using a pencil, press down onto the backside of each leaf to transfer its pattern onto thick paper. Add embellishments such as stickers and glitter for a personalized touch!
  3. Make Natural Tea Infusions With Magnolia Leaves: Place several dried or fresh magnolia leaves into hot water and let steep for 15 minutes to create unique herbal teas with unique flavors.
  4. Use Magnolia Leaves as a Natural Air Freshener: Place several freshly picked ones in small bowls around your home to give the space a pleasant, earthy scent without any synthetic fragrances.
  5. Dry Out Magnolia Leaves and Use Them as Potpourri: Place dried-out magnolia leaves into small sachets or pretty jars and let their aroma fill your home with its subtle, sweet smell.

The possibilities of what you can do with fresh magnolia leaves are endless! So don’t limit yourself to just using it for decorations – get creative and explore how you can make the most out of these beautiful natural elements! Enjoy how they add beauty and bring life to your home.

How Do You Make Garland With Magnolia Leaves?

Garland made from magnolia leaves is a beautiful way to add an extra touch of charm and elegance to any room in your home. Here’s how you can make one:

Garland Made From Magnolia Leaves
  1. Gather a bundle of fresh magnolia leaves that are about 2-3 feet long for the garland.
  2. Using wire or twine, string the magnolia leaves in a line, with each leaf overlapping the previous one by half its size.
  3. Continue adding leaves until you achieve the desired length of your garland and secure it on both ends with additional wire or twine.
  4. Add embellishments such as dried flowers, ribbons, beads, or feathers for a personal touch.

You can hang your garland anywhere around your home – above the mantel, along a balcony, or near windows and doors to instantly bring life and texture into the space. Decorating with magnolia leaves is a great way to enjoy how it brings life and character into your home.

With some creativity and care, you can make stunning decorations that will last for years!

Is a Magnolia Leaf Poisonous?

No, magnolia leaves are not poisonous. In fact, they’re actually edible and can be used to make unique teas or as food wraps for grilling. Magnolia leaves have a sweet, earthy flavor that adds an extra dimension of flavor to any dish.

However, always check for pests before using the leaves in your cooking, and avoid placing heavy decorations on them as they are delicate and can easily break. With proper care and use, you can enjoy how magnolia leaves bring life and beauty into your home without worrying about any potential risks!

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your magnolia leaf decoration will last a long time and look beautiful all season! So, enjoy how magnolia leaves bring life and texture into your home, how it adds beauty and elegance to any room, and how you can make stunning decorations with them.

With some creativity and care, you’ll be able to enjoy how magnolia leaves add beauty and charm to your space for years!


With their glossy texture and deep green hue, magnolia leaves make for gorgeous fall decorations. But before you start clipping away at your Southern Magnolia tree, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it’s important to sterilize your cutting tools before snipping any branches. And second, think beyond the typical wreath when considering how to use magnolia leaves in your decorating scheme. Garlands made of magnolia leaves can be draped over mantles or doorways, used as tabletop centerpieces, or even hung on walls as art.

Get creative with your magnolia leaf decorating this autumn, and enjoy the fruits of nature’s bounty – literally and figuratively!

Hopefully, the article on how to decorate with magnolia leaves has given you insight into making the most of these beautiful and versatile leaves. From making food wraps to creating hand-crafted cards, there are plenty of ways to add a little magnolia to your home!

Enjoy how these natural elements bring beauty and life to your space this season. Happy decorating!

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