How to Decorate With Pom Pom Garland

Making a bold statement in your home is easy when you use pom garland! You must know how to decorate with pom pom garland. Whether draped around the walls, strung from the ceiling, or hung as a backdrop for your next celebration, this cheerful addition to any room can make all the difference. 

How to Decorate With Pom Pom Garland

Not only does it add visual texture and vibrance to a space, but this colorful trend lets you get creative with both colors and shapes that are sure to be conversation starters. So let’s explore different ways to incorporate pom garland into your living area without breaking the bank!

Tools You Will Need

  • Pom pom garland
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Command Hooks or other hanging materials (optional)

6 Steps Guide on How to Decorate With Pom Pom Garland

1. Measure the Area

When adding a fun and colorful touch to your space with a pom garland, careful measurements are necessary! Start by determining where you would like to hang the garland. Measure twice before you make any cuts as this will help ensure that your pom garland fits perfectly in the area you have chosen. 

Once finished measuring, it’s time to create and enhance the look of your space with the bright and bold colors of pom chandlery – there’s sure to be one that complements any theme or color scheme!

2. Cut Your Garland From the Spool

Decorating with pom garland is an exciting and simple way to liven up a room without having to think too hard about it. When purchasing your garland, make sure to measure out the desired length so that you can cut with assurance from the spool, leaving yourself a few extra feet for adjustments if necessary. 

Depending on what color palette you are hoping to achieve, there are many patterns available to choose from and even more fun ways to string them up – be creative! All that’s left now is to enjoy your beautifully decorated space.

3. Give the Pom Poms a Bit of Texture

Adding Texture and Making Pom Poms Fluffy

Adding texture and making pom poms fluffy has never been easier with scissors! All you have to do is gently fluff up the pom-pom strands and give them a snip or two. Not only does using scissors to add texture make this craft more fun, but it also makes pom-poms look even more beautiful when added to your home decor. 

To truly customize your Pom Pom Garland, why not mix up colors or shapes to create something unique? A variation of sizes, shades, and shapes provide a great sense of visual interest – plus it allows you to show off your creativity!

4. Hang It Up With Some Tape

Sprucing up space can be made simple with the addition of a pom pom garland. Hanging it up with tape is certainly an option, however, if you are concerned about damage to paint or walls, Command Hooks are the way to go for easy removal. Just hang your desired length and shape of garland and you’ll have a perfect decoration to add some cheer to any room.

Once you’re done with it simply pop off the hooks – problem solved! With so many colors and shapes available, creating something unique and interesting is incredibly easy. So don’t worry about being boring or not having the time – use a fun pom garland to add some personality!

5. Make Adjustments if Needed

After hours of creating a beautiful pom garland with various colors, shapes, and sizes, take a moment to admire your masterpiece! Carefully assess how it stands against the wall or ceiling you placed it on. Does it look too plain? or too cluttered?

If it needs more depth, try experimenting with different ways to display the garland like carefully draping sections along windowsill edges or mantles. 

Simply re-angling the arrangement and taking a few more steps back can have a drastic impact on the aesthetics of your decor. With practice and patience, you will find what works best for embellishing.

Different Ways to Display the Garland

6. Be Persistent

Pom garland is an excellent way to add some extra flair and pizzazz to any room. Whether you choose bright and bold colors, shimmery metallics, or something more subtle and muted, this easy and affordable option can provide a gorgeous touch to any space. 

They look fabulous as a wall hanging, draped across furniture pieces, wrapped around banisters or pillars, or even used as festive napkin rings during special occasions—the possibilities are truly endless! So why not give your room a unique and wonderful makeover with your one-of-a-kind pom garland? There’s no going wrong!

Happy decorating!

Tips to Decorate With Pom Pom Garland

  1. Plan the design of your pom garland before you start making it. Decide how long you want it to be and what colors you want to use.
  2. Cut a long piece of string or yarn to the desired length.
  3. Wrap the string around your fingers a few times, then slide the loops off your fingers and tie them in the center with another piece of string or yarn.
  4. Repeat this process until you have made enough pom poms to fill the length of your garland.
  5. Once all of your pom poms are made, string them onto the garland in the desired pattern.
  6. Hang your garland up on a wall or door using tape, nails, or push pins.
  7. You can also drape it across a mantelpiece or shelf, or use it to decorate a table or desk.
  8. Pom pom garlands can be made in any color or combination of colors, so get creative!
  9. If you want to add some extra flair to your garland, try adding other decorations like beads, sequins, or feathers between the pom poms.
  10. Have fun and be creative!
Add Some Extra Flair to Your Garland

How to Brighten Up Any Room with a Colorful Pom Pom Garland?

Adding a touch of vibrant color to any room is a simple and creative way to create an instantly welcoming atmosphere. A pom garland is an excellent option for adding just the right amount of warmth, color, and texture to a room. The best part about a pom pom garland is that it’s easy and cheap to make. 

All you need is some colorful yarn or worsted-weight fabric that you can cut into strips, plus some scissors and string to hang them. Once the pom poms are all in place, they instantly draw the eye and bring a pop of fun to any space!

Whether displayed against the wall or around doorways, this cheerful decoration will help lift the mood as soon as people enter the room.

How to Make the Perfect Pom Pom Garland for Your Home Decor? 

Adding a pom pom garland to your home decor is a fun and creative way to add a pop of color. This type of DIY project doesn’t require much skill and can be easily tailored to fit the style of any room in the house. First, you’ll need some materials: yarn, scissors, cardboard, and an optional ribbon or string. 

To make the perfect pom garland, cut two equal-sized pieces of cardboard. Once done, wrap the yarn around the cardboard lengths multiple times until it reaches your desired fullness. Carefully slide scissors between each piece of cardboard and snip away excess strands for neatness. 

Make the Perfect Pom Garland

Pull off the excess cardboard from either end before tying both ends with a ribbon or string for secure closure. Hang up your colorful creation on a wall or string it from window to window for an added touch of hominess!

Transform Your Space with These Creative and Fun Ways to Use Pom Poms

Looking to redecorate your space in a creative and fun way? Look no further than the use of pom poms! These fluffy crafts are becoming increasingly popular and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your own home. Whether you’re going for subtle pops of color or transforming a room, pom poms provide an effortless, yet stylish approach. 

From rugs and curtains to pillows, banners, and wall hangings, these fiber accessories can provide an interesting touch that will jazz up any area! With such simple supplies, you’ll be able to take the decorations from ordinary to extraordinary. So why not get crafty and start adding those unique details today?


Now that you know how to decorate with pom pom garland, there are endless possibilities for decorating with this fun and festive craft. Get creative and see what you can come up with! Have you made a pom pom garland before? How did you decorate with it?

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