How to Decorate With Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet pumpkins are a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. They can be used alone or combined with other seasonal decorations, such as fall leaves and twinkle lights, to create an autumn-inspired display. Plus, velvet pumpkins come in many sizes and colors, so you can easily pick one that complements your space.

How to Decorate With Velvet Pumpkins

There are many advantages to decorating with velvet pumpkins. For starters, velvet pumpkins are a fun and festive way to celebrate the season without spending a fortune on decorations that will only be used for one year. Plus, unlike traditional pumpkin decorations, velvet pumpkins can easily be stored away after each season’s celebration is complete, and they are sure to add a unique and special touch to any décor. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to decorate with velvet pumpkins in this blog article.

Step-by-step Instructions for How to Decorate With Velvet Pumpkins

Step 1: Inspect Your Velvet Pumpkins

Check the velvet pumpkins for any signs of damage or wear. If there are any, discard them and purchase new ones. For the most interesting look, select various sizes and colors of velvet pumpkins to create an eclectic mix. Having several different kinds of velvet pumpkins with different textures and shapes is also helpful.

Step 2: Place Velvet Pumpkins Strategically Around the Room

It’s important to place your velvet pumpkins in strategic spots throughout the room, like mantelpieces and table tops. Don’t overcrowd them; a few strategically placed pumpkins will make a bigger statement than an abundance of random ones. To bring out the texture and vibrancy of velvet pumpkins, coordinate them with existing accents or wall colors in your room. For example, if you have blue walls, opt for navy-hued velvet pumpkins to create a cohesive look.

Wall Colors in Your Room

Step 3: Make the Velvet Pumpkins a Centerpiece

Velvet pumpkins make an ideal centerpiece for any room, so be sure to use them to add visual interest. Group several different velvet pumpkins together and place them on a tray or cake stand for an eye-catching display. Incorporate velvet pumpkins into your fall floral arrangements to add texture and color. Place a single velvet pumpkin in the center of a larger arrangement or use several small ones to fill out an otherwise sparse bouquet.

Step 4: Light Up Velvet Pumpkins with Candles

Light up velvet pumpkins with votive candles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Place them in the center of tables or line them along the mantelpiece for a beautiful display. If your bookshelf is looking a bit empty, add some texture and color by stacking several velvet pumpkins on its shelves.

Step 5: Personalize Velvet Pumpkins with Monograms

Give velvet pumpkins a personalized touch by adding cute monogrammed stickers to them. You can find these stickers at most craft stores. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with velvet pumpkins. Try painting them or adding little decorations like pom-poms to give them a unique look. Have fun and experiment with different ways of displaying velvet pumpkins!

The best part about decorating with velvet pumpkins is that they are easy to find, affordable, and easily incorporated into any existing décor style.

Safety Tips for How to Decorate With Velvet Pumpkins

  1. Place velvet pumpkins away from any open flames or heat sources to prevent them from melting or catching fire.
  2. Make sure the room is well-ventilated if you are using spray paint or other paints so that it does not cause adverse reactions to the fabric of the pumpkin.
  3. Do a patch test if you plan on using an adhesive or glue to ensure it will not damage your velvet pumpkin.
  4. Avoid any sharp edges when cutting fabric to decorate a velvet pumpkin, as this can cause fraying and damage to the item.
  5. If using glitter, choose nontoxic materials to ensure safety for kids and pets.
  6. Use plastic or felt-tipped markers to decorate velvet pumpkins, as these are less likely to cause damage.
  7. Do not overstuff your velvet pumpkin with stuffing materials, as this can cause wear and tear on the fabric.
  8. Store your velvet pumpkins properly when not in use to help them last longer. Wrap up the item in bubble wrap and store it in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
Use Plastic or Felt-tipped Markers

Following these safety tips will help you create beautiful decorations with velvet pumpkins while avoiding any potential accidents or damage to your items.

How Should You Choose Velvet Pumpkins for Decorating? 

When selecting velvet pumpkins for decorating, consider the color and size of the pumpkin you want. Choose colors that match your existing home décor, or opt for a set of neutral-toned velvet pumpkins to add some texture to your space. When it comes to size, large velvet pumpkins can make a big statement and be used as a centerpiece, but smaller velvet pumpkins can add subtle accents. No matter which size or color you go with, make sure to pick velvet pumpkins that are well-made and have realistic features such as stems, leaves, and vines for an authentic look. For added convenience, choose a set of velvet pumpkins that come pre-stuffed and ready to display.

Once you’ve chosen the right velvet pumpkins for your home, you can get creative with how to decorate them. Place a few small velvet pumpkins on shelves, mantles, or tables for a pop of seasonal color and texture. You can also arrange several large velvet pumpkins together to make a unique centerpiece or display them separately throughout your home. String velvet pumpkins with lights and ribbons for a festive touch, or combine them with other seasonal elements such as gourds, pinecones, and acorns.

How Should You Display Velvet Pumpkins in Your Home?

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Here are just a few ideas for how you can display them in your home. Display them on your mantel: A cluster of velvet pumpkins on your mantel creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for fall and Halloween. Place different sizes of pumpkins together in a group, or arrange them in an orderly fashion along the length of your mantel. Pair velvet pumpkins with another seasonal décor: Add interest to existing fall decorations by pairing velvet pumpkins with other seasonal accessories such as gourds, hay bales, and decorative squashes. Place everything on a tray or in a large basket to create a cohesive look.

Create an outdoor tablescape. Decorating your outdoor space with velvet pumpkins is easy and looks beautiful. Place velvet pumpkins in varying sizes down the center of your end table decorations and add other festive decorations such as pinecones, strings of lights, candles, and small gourds. Fill a cornucopia with velvet pumpkins: A traditional cornucopia filled with velvet pumpkins makes an elegant centerpiece for any table. Add in some other fall-themed decorations, such as leaves, acorns, and twigs, to create a more natural look.

How Should You Care for Your Velvet Pumpkins to Keep Them Looking Their Best? 

Not leaving your velvet pumpkins outside in direct sunlight or wet conditions is recommended, as the fabric may fade or become discolored over time. You can dust them with a dry cloth and spot clean if necessary. If you need to do a deeper cleaning, it’s best to use a damp cloth and mild soap to avoid damaging the fabric. Velvet pumpkins can also be lightly sprayed with a fabric protector to help keep them looking new for longer. Lastly, if you intend to store your velvet pumpkins, ensure they are in an air-tight container to prevent dust or moisture from getting inside.

Use a Damp Cloth

How Can You Repurpose Your Velvet Pumpkins for a Different Look? 

Velvet pumpkins are a classic fall décor item that can bring warmth and coziness to any room. Once the season is over, you don’t have to store your velvet pumpkins away for another year – there are plenty of ways you can repurpose them. Here are some ideas on how you can use velvet pumpkins to create a different look that will last all year round.

  • Put your velvet pumpkins in planters with plants, and use them as part of an indoor garden display. This can be done on a windowsill or side table, bringing life, color, and texture into the space.
  • Place velvet pumpkins around the house for a subtle autumnal look. Put them on shelves, mantles, and side tables, and let the variety of shapes and colors bring a unique touch to your decor.
  • Create wall art with velvet pumpkins! Hang one or more in a group for an eye-catching display. You can also arrange them on a mirrored tray or plate for an extra special touch.
  • Jazz up your kitchen! Add velvet pumpkins to shelves, the countertop or inside cupboards to bring the beauty of fall into the room.
  • Use velvet pumpkins as part of a centerpiece – you can mix them with other fall-themed items like gourds, figs, and candles. Or, you can use them to add a unique touch to a table setting by placing them between plates or glasses.

With these ideas in mind, you can give your velvet pumpkins a new life and create an eye-catching look that will last all year round.

Create an Eye-catching Look


In conclusion, decorating with velvet pumpkins is an easy and affordable way to add a bit of autumnal charm to your home. Whether you choose to display them on tables, shelves, mantles, or windowsills, using velvet pumpkins as part of your fall decorations will help create a warm atmosphere and bring the beauty of nature into your living space. They are also great for crafters who want to add a personal touch of creativity to their home decor. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to decorate with velvet pumpkins. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically. 

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