How to Decorate Your Mailbox for Christmas

Are you looking for a festive way to show your holiday spirit? Decorating your mailbox for Christmas is a great way to bring the joy of the season right into your very own front yard. If you’re feeling crafty and want to take on this DIY project, you can use a variety of materials, from ribbon, garland, ornaments, and even artificial snowflakes!

How to Decorate Your Mailbox for Christmas

Not only will it give your guests a warm welcome as they arrive at your home but it will also add some extra cheerfulness throughout the neighborhood during these already joyous times!

This blog post will walk through how to decorate your mailbox for Christmas and all of the supplies you need, and the steps required to make sure that no matter what type of mailbox you have, it’ll be decked out with Christmas decorations in no time.

Can You Decorate Your Own Mailbox?

Yes, you can certainly decorate your own mailbox for Christmas. The first step to doing this is to make sure you are abiding by any regulations set forth by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

For example, the USPS does not allow mailboxes or decorations that obstruct mail delivery or block line of sight at an intersection. Furthermore, ornaments and decorations should be securely fastened to the mailbox.

What Should I Put in My Mailbox?

There are a lot of fun things you can put in your mailbox to decorate it for Christmas. Consider adding a few festive items, such as a bow or ribbon, greenery, bells, and lights.

For additional sparkle, add some garland around the base of the mailbox or attach brightly colored baubles with a fishing line or wire. You can also place a wreath on the front of the mailbox for added decoration.

If you prefer a more traditional look, hang a stocking from the flagpole or affix a Santa hat to the top of your mailbox. For an extra creative touch, consider mixing and matching decorations with other festive objects in your yard, such as pinecones, candy canes, jingle bells, and miniature Christmas trees.

Whatever you choose to put on your mailbox, make sure it stands out against any existing decor that may already be present in your front yard or garden. By taking some time to decorate your mailbox for Christmas, you’ll add a bit of fun and cheer to an otherwise plain-looking structure.

10 Methods How to Decorate Your Mailbox for Christmas

1. Wreaths

One of the easiest and most classic ways to decorate your mailbox for Christmas is to add a wreath. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including traditional green wreaths with red bows or more unique options like snowflake or candy cane wreaths. Consider adding some lights to your wreath for an extra festive touch.

Consider Adding Some Lights

If you don’t want to use a traditional wreath, you can also hang garlands around the mailbox instead. While this may be less secure than a wreath with a hook, it can still look great and is especially easy to take down when the holidays are over. When you’re done, your mailbox will look like it’s part of the Christmas festivities.

2. Garland

Another simple way to decorate your mailbox is with garland. You can wrap garland around the post of your mailbox or drape it over the top of the box. Add some ornaments, lights, or bows to complete the look. If you’re feeling extra creative, try weaving the garland in and out of the mailbox post.

You can also add a few bows of ribbon on top of the mailbox to give it a festive touch. Be sure to check your local post office regulations before attaching anything to your mailbox. While most post offices will allow you to decorate your mailbox, there may be specific guidelines or restrictions that apply.

3. Ribbons and Bows

If you want to add some color and texture to your mailbox, consider tying ribbons or bows around it. You can use ribbon in Christmas colors like red and green or go for something more unique like gold or silver. Add some bells or other decorations to make your mailbox stand out.

You Can Use Ribbon

You can also tie some ribbons on the mailbox post to give it a festive look. Be sure to secure the ribbons or bows with weatherproof tape or glue to ensure they stay in place. You can also add a bow on top of the mailbox for extra decoration. Get creative and have fun with your mailbox décor!

4. Paint

If you’re feeling creative, consider painting your mailbox for Christmas. You can paint it red or green and add some white snowflakes, or go for something more elaborate like a scene of Santa and his reindeer.

Just be sure to use weather-resistant paint so your design lasts through the winter. You can also add a little sparkle to your mailbox by sprinkling some glitter paint or sparkly sequins on top. This will make your mailbox really stand out! 5.

Add Lights If you want to up the wow factor of your mailbox decorations, consider adding some festive lights. You can buy light strands specifically designed for mailboxes, or you can use a string of fairy lights.

5. Signs

Adding a sign to your mailbox is another great way to add some festive cheer. You can make your own sign using wood or cardboard or purchase a pre-made sign. Some popular Christmas mailbox sign options include “Santa Stop Here” and “Merry Christmas.”

If you have a bit more time and like to craft, you can create a unique sign with your own festive message. The possibilities are endless! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s visible so that your postman will know to stop at your house.

Own Sign Using Wood

Although you should avoid using nails when hanging your sign, you can use a strong adhesive to attach it to your mailbox. This way, your festive mailbox decoration will be safe and secure during the holiday season.

6. Lights

If you want your mailbox to be visible at night, adding lights is a must. You can wrap string lights around the post of your mailbox or attach them to the box itself. Consider using energy-efficient LED lights that last longer than traditional bulbs. You can also use solar-powered lights for an eco-friendly alternative.

Be sure to use a waterproof sealant around the area where you’ve attached the lights so that rain and snow don’t seep in. Additionally, make sure to turn off all your outdoor lights when you’re not at home to save energy.

7. Mailbox Toppers

Another fun way to decorate your mailbox is with a topper. You can find Christmas-themed toppers in a variety of styles, including snowmen, Santa Claus, and reindeer. Just be sure to choose a topper that fits securely on top of your mailbox so it doesn’t blow away in the wind.

You can even make a mailbox topper out of lightweight wood or Styrofoam, paint it with a festive design, and attach it securely to the mailbox.

8. Mailbox Covers

If you want to give your mailbox a complete makeover for Christmas, consider adding a cover. Mailbox covers are typically made of vinyl or magnetic material and can be easily attached to your mailbox.

You can find covers in a variety of styles, from traditional red and green to more whimsical designs like snowmen and penguins. Mailbox covers are an affordable way to drastically improve the look of your mailbox. Just attach the cover, and you’ll have a festive mailbox in minutes.

9. Pinecones and Berries

Adding some natural elements to your mailbox is a great way to create a rustic Christmas look. Consider attaching pinecones and berries to your mailbox with wire or hot glue.

Use a Hot Glue Gun

You can also use a hot glue gun to attach faux greenery and other decorations. Adding a few pinecones to the mailbox can help create a festive and unique look. Additionally, you can use faux berries or real ones, depending on your preference.

10. Snowflakes

Finally, you can add some wintery charm to your mailbox with snowflakes. You can cut snowflakes out of paper or purchase pre-made snowflakes from a craft store. Attach them to your mailbox with wire or fishing line to create a whimsical winter wonderland look.

You can even add a light dusting of artificial snow to the mailbox for more of an effect. With these simple steps, you are sure to have a unique, festive mailbox for the holiday season. So don’t forget to give your mailbox a bit of Christmas cheer this year!


Decorating your mailbox for the holidays can be a fun and creative way to express your holiday cheer. Plus, it will bring joy to those who pass by and admire the decorations. From wreaths, bows, lights, and garlands, there are so many possibilities to bring light and happiness this season.

So go ahead, take some time to think of what decorations you want to use – you won’t regret it! Put them up as soon as possible so you can enjoy the results all throughout December.

Even people who don’t usually decorate for the holidays may get inspired to spark their festive sides after seeing your spirited mailbox. Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you some inspiration on how to decorate your mailbox for christmas!

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