How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom

Do you need to make more use of the space in your home? On a tight budget but want to create an inviting and comfortable bedroom retreat? Look no further—you can easily turn even the smallest den into a luxurious bedroom by following these few simple steps on how to turn a den into a bedroom!

How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom

From choosing materials and colors that will add warmth and style to selecting effective storage solutions, this blog post provides all the tips you need for creating a beautiful bedroom out of any size room. Read on for great advice about transforming your den into an inviting escape.

What’s the Difference Between a Bedroom and a Den?

The main difference between a den and a bedroom is in purpose. A den often serves as an additional living area, providing extra room for relaxing or entertaining guests. On the other hand, a bedroom is typically used for sleeping and storing personal belongings.

When transforming a den into a bedroom, it’s important to focus on creating an inviting and comfortable sleep space that meets the needs of its occupants. With thoughtful consideration and careful planning, you can easily turn your den into the perfect bedroom retreat!

Before beginning any renovations, think about how you plan to use the space. Will it be primarily used by adults or children? Knowing this information ahead of time can help determine what type of furniture and accessories should be included.

If you’re looking for a cozy bedroom for two, consider adding a queen or king-size bed, along with side tables and dressers. If the bedroom is used by children, opt for bunk beds to maximize floor space and storage options.

Furniture isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered when turning a den into a bedroom.

You’ll also need to plan for adequate lighting. Natural light is ideal, so if possible, install windows or skylights to help brighten up the space. Additionally, add several lamps in order to create a variety of light levels and adjust as needed.

Finally, don’t forget about storage solutions. Closets are essential when it comes to storing clothing and other personal belongings; however, if your den doesn’t have built-in closets, keep an eye out for adjustable wardrobe systems that can be hung on walls or tucked into corners. This will provide additional storage without taking up too much floor space.

10 Methods How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom

1. Redecorate the Space:

The first step in turning a den into a bedroom is to start with a fresh coat of paint and some new furnishings. Choose colors that will help create a relaxing atmosphere, such as blues and greens. Add soft textures to the walls with wallpapers, stencils, or decals.

 Textures to the Walls With Wallpapers

If you have existing furniture, consider giving it an update with a new fresh coat of paint or stain.

You can also add pops of color to the room with accent pillows, throws, and rugs. Although the den may have been used for other purposes, it is important to make sure that the space reflects its new identity as a bedroom.

2. Create Zones for Different Areas:

If you want your den to be both functional and comfortable, you’ll need to create zones for specific activities like sleeping, studying, relaxing, etc. To define these areas, use your existing furniture pieces or invest in some multifunctional furniture like space-saving beds or sleeper sofas.

You can also use partitions or even curtains to separate different spaces within the room while still maintaining an open atmosphere. Make sure to use furniture and decorations that suit your needs and reflect your style. That way, you can easily transform this room into a functional and inviting bedroom.

3. Design Storage Solutions:

When converting a den into a bedroom, one might not think about storage solutions right away; however, it’s very important in order to keep the room clutter free and organized, which will help maintain its function as well as its aesthetic appeal. Invest in storage systems like shelves and cabinets that fit your space as well as your style.

Storage Solutions Right Away

Additionally, look for furniture pieces that double up as extra storage space, such as ottomans or benches with hidden compartments underneath them where you can store items such as extra bedding or out-of-season clothing items.

If you have a lot of items to store, consider investing in pieces with built-in drawers or cupboards. You can also look for alternative storage solutions, such as hanging organizers and wall-mounted shelves. These can help you maximize the space in your bedroom while also keeping it neat and organized.

4. Bring Comfort:

Adding comfort to a room is essential when turning it into a bedroom; after all, this is where you’ll be spending most of your time sleeping!

Invest in quality bedding such as sheets, blankets, and comforters that are cozy yet stylish at the same time – this way, you’ll enjoy every moment spent there! Additionally, adding decorative pillows and window treatments will make the room look more inviting and cozy while also helping block out light from any windows that may be located inside the den area (which could disturb sleep).

Finally, if space allows, add a plush chair or loveseat for additional seating when you’re in the mood for some reading or relaxing. With these elements in place, the den is sure to be transformed into a restful and stylish bedroom.

5. Install Overhead Lighting:

While many people tend to rely on lamps when designing their bedrooms, they often forget about overhead lighting, which can be extremely useful, especially if you’re planning on using your den/bedroom for activities besides sleeping (such as studying).

Look for Flush Mount Light Fixtures

Look for flush mount light fixtures or pendant lights that match your overall decorating style – whether it’s modern industrial chic or traditional glamour – these will help create ambiance in addition to providing plenty of ample lighting options throughout the entire room!

Although it may take a bit of effort, it’s worth the time and money to ensure that you have the best lighting setup possible.

6. Add Accents Pieces:

A great way to turn any drab space into something special is by adding unique accent pieces throughout – from the artwork on walls to small trinkets that reflect personal tastes & styles!

Also, consider adding plants (real or faux) that bring life into a room alongside additional emotional benefits such as improved air quality & mood enhancement due to their calming presence!

Lastly, don’t forget about lighting; lamps & other light fixtures can be used to set the atmosphere of space & provide an additional layer of comfort. While some may prefer recessed lighting, this is also a great opportunity to add interesting fixtures & pieces that may not be seen in other parts of the home.

All of these choices can help make the den a room that you’ll love to call your own!

7. Include Technology:

We live in an age of technology, so it’s no surprise that incorporating tech gadgets into our living spaces has become increasingly popular, especially when it comes to bedrooms!

From TVs mounted onto walls for movie nights with friends/family at home, gaming consoles for those who love playing video games & speakers made specifically for listening to music – there are tons of options available depending on what type of activity one wishes to indulge in during their spare time!

From Tvs Mounted Onto Walls

Additionally, if you’re looking for more out-of-the-box ideas, some people have even gone so far as to install smart lights and voice-activated alarms in their bedrooms – so you can customize the atmosphere to your exact needs.

Whatever kind of technology you decide to incorporate into your den-turned bedroom, it’s important to make sure you install everything correctly and safely so be sure to double-check the instructions before going ahead.

8. Utilize Wallspace Efficiently:

When converting dens into bedrooms, it’s important not only to consider how much floor space we have but also how much vertical space we have at our disposal!

This means utilizing walls by installing shelves & hanging rods built for specifically designed items such as bookshelves & wardrobe units – think outside the box when it comes to wall decorations, too – this could mean anything from photo collages filled with memories/memorabilia collected over time, or even custom made art pieces featuring meaningful quotes/sayings, etc…

9. Install Blackout Curtains/Shades:

Blackout curtains can be extremely helpful when trying to get sufficient rest inside dens turned bedrooms since they block out natural sunlight along with providing excellent insulation against outdoor noise, thus ensuring maximum privacy no matter what time of day one needs sleep without being disturbed by anyone else living within close vicinity!

Furthermore, blackout curtains come available in a wide range of materials & styles, making them the perfect choice if one wishes quickly spruce up an interior design scheme whilst simultaneously providing the necessary functionality needed to achieve a good night’s rest guaranteed every single day!

10. Make It Your Own:

Additional Accessories Like Clocks

Last but not least, make sure you add elements into the space to make it truly yours; otherwise simply won’t feel personal enough to enjoy using it over time. One way to do this includes additional accessories like clocks, canvases, etc. Another could involve transforming certain corners and nooks of small offices through creative art projects.

DIY projects other things that inspire you to unleash inner creativity and let it flow freely. If you’re still not sure how to best approach this task, it’s never a bad idea to take some time and look into the many inspiring ideas available online.

Once you’ve completely finished your space, take some time to enjoy it! Not only will you have created a beautiful, cozy, and inviting room to rest in, but you should also feel proud of all the hard work that went into making it happen. Congrats on turning your den into a beautiful bedroom!

Things to Keep in Mind When Turning Den into a Bedroom

  1. When creating a bedroom in a den, it is important to consider the size of the room and how much furniture you need for the space. If you want to ensure the space is comfortable and functional, make sure there is enough room for a bed, as well as other necessary furniture like a nightstand and dresser.
  2. Think about the color scheme of the room; it should be relaxing and inviting but also reflect your style. Choose hues that will make the room feel more spacious and light.
  3. When it comes to lighting, stick to dimmable lighting that you can control. It will make the bedroom a great place for sleeping, as well as reading or working on projects.
  4. Invest in good quality bedding and curtains; these items should be comfortable and durable so they can last for many years. Having high-quality bedding will also help create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  5. Consider investing in storage solutions for the room, such as shelves and boxes for books, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., so you don’t end up with clutter everywhere. This will help keep the den looking neat and organized!

Some Common Mistakes While Turning a Den into a Bedroom

1. Not Considering the Size of the Room:

It is important to consider the size of the room when trying to turn a den into a bedroom, as it can affect many different aspects of your design. You should determine if you have enough space for a bed, furniture, and storage.

2. Skimping on Soundproofing:

Getting Thicker Wall Insulation

If you plan to make an “open” style den-to-bedroom conversion, then adequate soundproofing is essential in order to ensure privacy and limit noise between rooms. Consider getting thicker wall insulation or adding extra layers of drywall to reduce sound transmission through walls.

3. Ignoring Window Treatments:

When turning a den into a bedroom, one must think about window treatments. Curtains and blinds can help to keep the room dark during sleep, as well as provide extra privacy when needed.


If you’re looking for a way to add an extra bedroom to your home without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a full-scale addition, consider converting your den into a bedroom. 

With some strategic planning and effort, you can turn this space into a comfortable and functional room that will serve your needs for years to come. Thanks for reading our blog post on how to turn a den into a bedroom! We hope you found it helpful and informative.

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