How to Decorate a Wagon for Wedding

I fondly recall decorating the rickety old wagon on our family farm each summer as a young girl. Stringing flowers along its sides, arranging sunflowers in jam jars tucked into the wagon bed, hoping to transform it into a magical setting for backyard tea parties with my stuffed animals or the neighborhood kids. Little did I know then that decades later, repurposing an aged wagon would become a trendy DIY project for weddings.

How to Decorate a Wagon for Wedding

Vintage wagons offer the perfect rustic backdrop for unique wedding photos and provide a charming way for the bridal party to make their grand entrance.

With some inexpensive decorating supplies and a creative eye, you can turn that weathered wagon into a showstopping centerpiece for your big day. In this post, I’ll share some simple and budget-friendly ideas on how to decorate a wagon for wedding and make it a standout feature of your wedding day.

Supplies You Will Need to Decorate a Wagon for a Wedding

  1. Wagon (either borrowed or purchased)
  2. Flowers and greenery of your choice
  3. Ribbons and fabric for color accents
  4. Scissors and wire cutters
  5. Floral foam or oasis block
  6. Baskets or other decorative elements
  7. Fairy lights (optional)
  8. Handheld drill (if attaching baskets)

Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Decorate a Wagon for Wedding

Step 1: Choose Your Wagon

First things first, you will need a wagon to decorate. You can either borrow one from a family member or friend or purchase one from a thrift store or online marketplace at an affordable price. Don’t worry about the condition of the wagon as you can easily give it a fresh look with some paint and decorations.

Choosing a wagon with a flat base will make it easier to decorate. But if you have your heart set on a wagon with slats or spokes, don’t worry, I’ll share some tips later on how to work around them.

Step 2: Prep Your Wagon

Before starting the decoration process, it’s important to clean and prep your wagon. If your wagon is rusty, give it a good scrub and sand down any rough edges. You can also paint the wagon with a fresh coat of white or pastel-colored paint to match your wedding theme. While preparing the wagon, make sure to remove any loose or broken parts that may get in the way of your decorations.

Paint the Wagon With a Fresh Coat of White

Step 3: Add Floral Foam

To create a stable base for your flowers and greenery, add floral foam or an oasis block to the wagon bed. These can be easily found at craft stores and provide a sturdy foundation to insert stems into. If you are using a wagon with slats or spokes, you can still use floral foam by cutting it into smaller pieces and arranging them around the gaps.

Step 4: Arrange Your Flowers

Now comes the fun part – arranging your flowers! Use a mix of different types and sizes of flowers to create a lush look. You can opt for fresh flowers or artificial ones depending on your preference and budget. Start by inserting the stems into the floral foam, making sure to cover any visible foam with flowers or greenery. You can also add some trailing vines or cascading blooms to add dimension to your arrangement.

Use a Mix of Different Types and Sizes of Flowers

Step 5: Add Color Accents

To give your wagon an extra pop of color, incorporate ribbons and fabric in complementary shades. Tie them around the handles or sides of the wagon, creating a playful and festive look. You can also use these accents to hide any exposed foam or add some texture to your arrangement. Adding small bows or rosettes to the spokes of the wagon can also add a charming touch.

Step 6: Attach Baskets or Other Decorative Elements

For a whimsical touch, you can attach baskets or other decorative elements to the sides of your wagon. Use a handheld drill to screw in some hooks and hang wicker baskets filled with flowers or jars of candles. You can also add some lanterns, vintage signs, or other props to give your wagon a personalized touch.

Step 7: Add Some Twinkle with Fairy Lights (Optional)

If you are having an evening wedding or want to add some sparkle to your wagon, you can wrap fairy lights around the sides or drape them across the top. This will create a magical ambiance and make your wagon stand out even more in the photos. Just make sure to secure the lights with tape or small clips so they don’t slide off during transportation.

You Can Wrap Fairy Lights Around

Following these steps will help you create a stunningly decorated wagon for your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add personal touches that reflect your and your partner’s personalities. With a little bit of effort and imagination, you can turn an old wagon into a memorable and picture-perfect addition to your special day. Happy decorating!  

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate a Wagon for Wedding

  1. If you want to add a touch of personalization to your wagon, consider incorporating elements that represent you and your partner’s shared interests or hobbies. For example, if you both love traveling, decorate the wagon with mini suitcases or postcards from different countries.
  2. To make your wagon stand out even more, use unique and unconventional materials for decoration such as vintage fabrics, old lace, or dried flowers. These elements can add a rustic and romantic feel to the wagon.
  3. Don’t forget to consider the weather conditions on your wedding day when decorating the wagon. If it’s going to be hot and sunny, make sure to incorporate some shade using umbrellas or parasols. If there’s a chance of rain, consider using waterproof materials for decoration.
  4. For a more whimsical and fairytale-like vibe, consider adding string lights or fairy lights to your wagon. These can add a magical touch and create a cozy atmosphere for an evening wedding.
  5. It’s also important to keep in mind the size of your wagon when decorating it. If it’s on the smaller side, avoid cluttering it with too many decorations. Instead, opt for a few statement pieces that will still make an impact without overwhelming the wagon.
  6. Another fun idea is to use chalkboard paint or vinyl decals to write messages or quotes on your wagon. This can add a personal and meaningful touch to your wedding décor.
  7. When it comes to flowers, use blooms that are in season and coordinate with your overall wedding theme. You can also add greenery and foliage to add texture and depth to the wagon’s decoration.
  8. For a more elegant and sophisticated look, consider incorporating some drapery or fabric swags onto the wagon. This can create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere for your wedding day.
  9. Personalize your wagon even further by adding a custom-made banner or sign with your name and wedding date. This can make for a great photo opportunity and add a special touch to your wagon.
Adding a Custom Made Banner

Following these additional tips and tricks can help you create a beautifully decorated wagon for your wedding day. Remember to have fun and let your creativity shine as you make your wagon truly unique and special for your big day.  Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Decorate a Wagon for Any Type of Wedding?

Yes, you can decorate a wagon for any type of wedding. It’s a versatile and fun element that can add to the overall ambiance and aesthetic of your special day.

Do I Need a Professional to Decorate the Wagon?

Decorating a wagon for your wedding is something you can do on your own with the help of friends and family. However, if you feel overwhelmed or want a more polished look, hiring a professional decorator is also an option. Just make sure to communicate your vision and budget clearly with them beforehand.

How Do I Ensure the Safety of My Guests When Using a Decorated Wagon?

It’s important to make sure that the wagon is sturdy and can safely transport your guests. Avoid overloading the wagon with heavy decorations or too many people. You can also add safety features such as seat belts or handles for your guests to hold onto during the ride.  Overall, use your best judgment and prioritize the safety of your guests above all else.

Can I Use a Wagon as My Main Mode of Transportation for My Wedding?

Yes, you can use a wagon as your main mode of transportation for your wedding. It’s a unique and memorable way to travel from one location to another and can add a touch of fun and whimsy to your special day. Just make sure to plan and consider the logistics, such as the distance between locations and the number of guests that can fit in the wagon at once.  Overall, have fun with it and enjoy the ride!


From imaginative floras to statement-making wheels, there are countless ways to customize a hobby wagon into a beautiful wedding centerpiece. Regardless of the scale and design that you choose in the end, make sure that your decorations capture the spirit of your special day. Whether it’s a small wagon or a grand ensemble with an accompanying carriage, adding creative components such as rustic flowers, paintings or metalwork can truly set your wedding apart from others.

The effort and thoughtfulness expressed in your hobby wagon decoration will be felt by each of your guests and will surely make for beautiful memories for years to come—so make sure to get creative when it comes to decorating! This post has provided perhaps just a few steps towards how to decorate a wagon for wedding – now take this information as inspiration for your unique designs and create something truly remarkable!

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